May 03, 2020

Hi there you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. 
Today I thought I would bring to you a favourites post. 
I used to do these all the time and thought “yep it’s time for another one” 
I’m not going to lie, I  love having a little nosy at other people’s favourites so it’s only fair that I do my own. This one is for last month (April) which for all of us I imagine was quite a strange one.
I just can’t believe it’s May already and hopefully better days ahead. 
So without further ado on with my April favourites.
The first thing I want to talk about is fragrance.
So I was shopping for my essentials in Aldi the other day (like you do) when I stumbled across another set of fragrance dupes that the store have launched under the name of Hotel Collection.
Now I don’t know about you but I love Aldi Fragrances. A few months ago ( before the lockdown here in the UK) I bought a Lacura one called Floral noir and it’s smells so much like Marc Jacobs Daisy. It’s so good. Since buying that I have been waiting for another wave of fragrances to drop in store.
So what are these new ones like?
In my local store they had three to choose from. The set of three fragrances look a little like Jo Malone. 
The one I picked up was called Fierce Bellflower which I believe is meant to smell like Wild Bluebell.
I have never owned a JM fragrance. Yes I have tried them. If I’m honest it’s only ever been testers at the Airport and I have to admit I really liked trying them (they smell so lush!) but not enough to spend £50 plus on a fragrance. 
Now I know some of you might be thinking that we are living in uncertain times and perfume is the last thing on our minds. I completely agree but sometimes it’s nice to just look after yourself and spoil yourself or a loved one from time to time. These make a great little pick me up for yourself or a little gift for someone who might be feeling down in these uncertain times.
If you don’t fancy venturing out of the house because we are in lockdown as I’m writing this and if you didn’t need any other shopping from Aldi you can order online and I will leave you the links below. I have listed just the one I bought below.

*So on to my next favourite and this one has been kindly gifted to me by African Extracts.
I have only recently discovered this brand and am completely in love with it. The smell is amazing. Perhaps the nicest smelling skincare ever.
This toner is another little skin wonder. It contains Witch Hazel and helps to minimise pores and balance your skin.
It’s contains Bio Active Rooibos extract that help to counter the effects of environmental stress.
The product for the best results is to be used twice a day after cleansing to leave you skin looking refreshed and amazing. I’ve been using it everyday since I have been sent it and am completely in love.

So about my hair...
My roots are really bad. Now I know there are more important things to worry about but as part of self care and the fact that I’m still working they need to be done. I’ve been using the Superdrug Colour Radiance 10 Minute Hair Colour for the last couple of hair dyes and I really like it. It’s £4.99 so such a good value hair dye and it comes with a little comb making doing your roots super easy. I know a lot of people are discovering home hair dyes as all the salons are shut. If that’s you this one is worth a try especially if you are a newbie hair colourer (is that a word). 
I went for a dark brown shade. I’m not going to lie it’s a bit worrying when you do mix the colour with the developer as this shade goes on bright orange. So if this happens to you  don’t worry as the colour soon goes darker. The brand have a large array of shades to choose from so whatever shade you want the brand have you covered. 
I’m leaving the link below just in case you fancy checking out the shades for yourself. 

What better time than now to try out a new fake tan. I find that I just feel better with a tan. So in these dark times anything that makes you feel better is an essential to me.
My new favourite tan has to be Tanologist. I bought this on an offer a few months ago and as you can tell by the picture it’s nearly all gone! This one is the Gradual tan but the brands full range of products are available online. 
So the Tanologist Gradual tan comes in a spray bottle making it super easy to apply.
The colour goes on very evenly and is quick drying. It doesn’t really leave a smell and can be built up so you can control your shade. 
I bought my bottle from Superdrug but you can buy it directly from the brand if you wish. I have left both links below for you. 

*So onto my last favourite. It’s the Synergy 001BR fan brush.
This is perhaps the largest fan brush I have ever seen. I always use fan brushes for highlighter but this is perfect for applying bronzer and powder as well. The bristles are very soft and is a must have for any makeup bag. Since I have been kindly gifted this brush I haven’t used any other brushes of this type. 
This brush is available in a beautiful white shade as well, so if black isn’t your thing you do have another option. The brush looks super pretty on any dressing table and makes a great addition to any makeup brush collection.
I will leave the link below because Synergy Collections have some great offers on at the moment. They do tend to change but all the offers are on the brands Instagram page.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried any of these products or perhaps you have a favourite you think I would love to hear about.
I know it’s perhaps the wrong time to talk about non essential items but we all need a little bit of self care at the moment and just making ourselves feel a little bit better in these uncertain times. 
Stay safe and stay home.
Until next time
Jue X 

*gifted items
This post contains a couple of gifted items. These were kindly gifted to me for separate posts and not for this one. I just love them so much. 

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  1. Wow great products!

    1. Aww I really enjoy using them. Thank you so much for commenting X

  2. I have been looking for a hair colour in lockdown so might try this one if they have my shade.

    1. Aww this one is such a good one. Thank you for commenting X

  3. I look forward to getting notifications of all your posts. xxx