May 09, 2020

So last weekend I got a very exciting PR package from PIXI. The package came as such a lovely surprise and I’m just so grateful and overwhelmed.  
So what better way to start the day than go though the items one by one and share with you this amazing new range.

I have talked about PIXI products before ( quite a lot actually) especially the glow collection with the original Glycolic Acid tonic being the best in my eyes. 

So for those of you who don’t already know let me tell you a bit about the brand. Starting in the flagship store in Soho London, in 1999, creator Petra Strand put her 20 plus years experience into the brand that we all know and love today.

The brand has a loyal worldwide fan base and thanks to its award winning, pure, skin loving ingredients that gives our skin the “just had a good nights sleep” radiant look its definitely one of the skincare brands that we all need in our lives. With more products been regularly added ( like the Retinol and Jasmine collection) the brand are going from strength to strength.
With the brands mission still as it was from the very first day to simply bring out the natural beauty in everybody to being flawless in a few fuss free minutes and that every look begins with a flawless base. So what’s not to love about the brands youth enhancing products.
The latest range brings to us the Retinol and Jasmine collection.  This helps to renew and rejuvenate our skin and are skin smoothing must haves for a more refined complexion.

I thought I would give you a quick first peak of the new products that are available just in case you want to try them out. 
I know we are in uncertain times but now is a great time to be looking after your skin as part of a self care routine. 

The range is split into five groups with 6 new products to choose from.
The groups are Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturise and Nourish.
Each group has a product with the Treat group having two products for morning and evening use. 
I’m super excited that this range contains Retinol. Regular readers might remember I’ve been a tiny bit obsessed with Retinol since watching a programme a couple of years ago saying it was amazing for anti aging. So this new range is perfect for people like me. I have used a few Retinol products over the last few years and spoke about it on here quite a lot. The products I have used have tended to be oil based products like booster drops and I’m excited to see how the Pixi ones compare.
So firstly let’s look at the packaging. As well as the Pixi traditional green shade the brand have added a lovely purple shade to each of the products. I have to admit I am one of those people who would buy a product for its fancy packaging and this one would definitely catch my eye. I know it’s what’s inside that counts so let’s talk about the products. 
So STEP ONE is the 
As with all the Pixi cleansers I tried previously this one doesn’t disappoint. It contains Retinol to smooth with the anti inflammatory Jasmine oil and Ceramide to lock in moisture.
You get 135ml of product which I think would last you a long time and feels lovely to use.

So on to STEP TWO
Following on from the Glow Tonic this RETINOL TONIC comes in two different sizes. 
100ml £10 travel size 
250ml £18 
The product contains time release Retinol to smooth and refine and also Elderflower to soften and brighten. As well as this it also contains Chamomile to calm and minimise redness. 

So STEP THREE has two products one for the AM as a great little morning routine and one for the evening. The morning product is the JASMINE OIL BLEND £26.
This oil blend contains Jasmine flower extract to rejuvenate and calm, Evening Primrose to help boost circulation and grape seed oil to nourish. 

As well as the Jasmine Oil Blend STEP THREE
Includes a PM Evening treatment. 
This comes in the form of an OVERNIGHT RETINOL OIL £26.
Again this product includes Time release Retinol to smooth and refine.
It also contains Peptides to firm and revitalise and Ceramide NP to lock in moisture. 
Both the Step 3 oil products come in a 30ml bottle with a droplet top so you can use just the right amount of product. 

So STEP FOUR is for moisture and this one is the RETINOL JASMINE LOTION £24.
This product contains Retinol to again smooth and refine. As well as this it also contains  Peptides to firm and revitalise and Jasmine Oil to nourish and brighten. The product comes in a 50ml tube and is a great lightweight moisturiser to have in your collection. 

The last step is STEP FIVE which is my favourite product of the whole new collection. ( I’m completely obsessed with Retinol eye products.) 
This is the RETINOL EYE CREAM £22. It contains time release Retinol to smooth and refine which I find is always good around my eye area. It also contains Caffeine to deputy and energise and peptides to firm and revitalise. 

If you fancy trying any of these new items I have left the links under each item.

I will be trying the products out over the next few weeks and will keep you updated how I find these products and if they work for me.

It’s so important at this time that we look after ourselves and while I know skincare might not be the top of our list at the moment, self care is always important.

The website is also giving you a chance of 10% off your first order when you sign up with an email so now just might be the perfect time to treat yourself. .
Until next time 
Take care and stay safe.
Jue X

*Big thank you to PIXI for kindly gifting me these products to try out. 
*Gifted but unpaid post. 

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