August 13, 2020

So today on the blog it’s all about trying out a new foundation. I’m always super excited when trying out new face products but find some formulas can really break me out and be really bad for my skin. So when I heard about the BE + RADIANCE range I was super excited to try it out

The BE + RADIANCE range a completely different foundation. With their Eco friendly formula makeup it makes wearing foundation actually good for your skin. Making this a healthy makeup Solution for all. 

If you haven’t heard of this brand before let me fill you in. 


BE+ RADIANCE is a makeup brand that focuses on the complexion to make skin always look more beautiful and radiant. The range is available in shades for many different skin tones with 17 different shades to choose from and is healthy detox makeup for all skin tones. 


The founder of the brand Aïmara Coupet was born in Martinique of French and Martinican descent, Aïmara grew up in Canada. In 1999, she graduated from HEC Montreal Business School and started her career at L’Oreal Canada as a Product Manager for Makeup. In 2004, she moved to Paris and joined Sephora (LVMH) as Group Product Manager for Sephora’s private label (Sephora Collection).

In 2011, she took over blackUp cosmetics’ Marketing Direction and relaunched the entire product catalogue making makeup products from light beige to deep black tones.


The Be + Radiance is an innovative cucumber water-based foundation formula with a light to medium coverage for a flawless, fresh natural looking complexion. This exciting matifying foundation offers fresh and natural results with a healthy matte finish.

The product is silicone free and this foundation is really unique providing a real naked skin sensation. The product has no heaviness or greasy effects and has amazing hold without transfer even on the warmest of days. 

So with the product being made up of 85% to 97% natural ingredients, including cucumber water (which is well known for its soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties) and probiotics, it’s free of silicones (so your skin can breathe) parabens and mineral oils and PETA Certified you know you’re putting something good onto your face. 


As well the foundation the brand also have a new Velvet Touch Primer.

The primer works hand in hand with the foundation and is natural and breathable. 

It provides an ideal base to refine and smooth your skin for an immediate blurring effect whilst allowing your skin to breathe. 

The product instantly melts into your skin with a powdery finish for a longer lasting foundation application.

The product contains 97% of natural ingredients including pomegranate extract. 

The product is Silicone Free, Fragrance Free, Phtalate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Phenoxyethanol Free and Paraben Free.

So how did I find both the products 

Both the products were sent to me in a little box which was super cute. They were well packed and delivered from France. Delivery was super fast with no problems.

Picking the shade of the foundation was really easy as well as there are plenty of shades to choose from. I found I was shade number 20 and this shade was perfect for me. 

Both the products came in 30ml plastic tubes. These are super lightweight and easy to store.

If you have followed me for a while you may already know I prefer my foundation in a tube rather than a glass bottle. I find you get more value for money with tube rather than trying to get the last bits out of a bottle.

Both the tubes can be recycled and are made with recycled materials.

Firstly the primer. If I’m honest I don’t tend to normally use a primer only when my skin is particularly bad as I’ve always found them to be none effective on my skin. That is until I have tried this one. Firstly the primer is super easy to blend and is so soft. It softens open pores and worked well to blur out my under the eye fine lines. It gives off an amazing powder effect and if my skin had no major blemishes could be worn alone on a no makeup day. It provides a great base for the foundation which is what I’m going to come to now. 

The Cucumber Water-Based Matifying Foundation is super easy to apply. In fact it’s what I love most about the product. I can honestly say I have never been able to blend a foundation so easily.

You can either use a sponge, brush or simply with your fingers.

I found with the liquid being quite thin it was easier to use with your fingers, on this occasion as it soaked up into the sponge a little. The product can be built up so after applying the initial first layer with your fingers the product works so well if you apply the second layer with a sponge. This leaves a beautiful light finish that feels like you haven’t even got any products on your face. 

Both products preformed so well over the last week or so. The weather here in the UK has been super hot so really it’s been an ideal time to give the products a good run for their money. It’s been good to wear a lighter but matte based product in warmer weather. 

The product didn’t melt off my face and I got a full days worth of coverage with the occasional bit of pressed powder. 

The brand suggest keeping the foundation in the fridge of a few hours before using. This too me seems like a good idea especially for the summer months. 

I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy checking the brand out for yourself. 

Also it’s worth pointing out that both of these products are Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Until next time

Jue X

*Gifted items to review 

*Not a paid post so all opinions are my own. 


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