August 11, 2020

So today on the blog it’s all about Self Care and getting that glow that I feel we all kind of need after this years Summer. It definitely hasn’t really been a normal Summer for us all and I’m all about doing little things to make things seem like “normal” again. 

So last week I’ve was super excited and grateful to receive The Pixi “Escape and let’s Glow” PR box to review. The box is all about Summer must haves for your most radiant glow yet.  Pixi always send out the best (sometimes personalised) PR packages and this one is super exciting and generous. 

So I really want to share with you the products that I’ve received and my first impressions of the products after trying them for a few days.

We all know (and love!) Pixi for its amazing Skincare but this time the collection focuses on Makeup and is all about achieving a summer glow.

So onto the makeup which is one of my favourite things to talk about.

So I do love a good back story, so if you are new around here let me briefly tell you a bit about the brand. 

Pixi by Petra is the brainchild of successful makeup artist and owner Petra Strand. Launched over 15 years ago in Soho London the brand represents timeless beauty and provides real woman time saving, multitasking high quality makeup solutions at affordable prices. Petra has over 20 years experience herself as a successful makeup artist so you know we are in good hands with quality products.

Over the last week I’ve been playing with these amazing products. (Believe me, it’s been a labour of love). and I’ve found a few favourites out of the collection that I already know I completely love and would definitely repurchase in a heartbeat. 

Like always I will leave all the links below to each item just in case fancy picking one up for yourself 

Firstly I’m going to talk about the eye products. This is the ENDLESS SHADE STICK in the shades CooperGlaze and MatteCocoa. 

I have been lucky enough to have tried one of these before and really enjoyed using it. 

Both of the shadow sticks makes applying eyeshadow so quick and easy. It’s one of those products that look great if you just want a wash of colour over your lids for a everyday look or to build it up for a heavier look for the evenings. It’s super creamy and is smudge proof. The shades are perfect for me and are a similar shade to the ones I would wear normally everyday. It contains Green Tea and Chamomile and can be used as an eyeshadow or a liner. I love the darker shade (MatteCocoa) to use as an eyeliner as it’s super easy to blend and when smudged it’s not too harsh. I think both the shade are super flattering to all skin tones making this a great universal product for all. I think this product would be perfect to pop in your handbag for an evening out, as a quick fix or holidays. I did carry my previous one in my handbag for a time so I’m definitely going to do the same with this one. £12.00


More recently I’ve been really getting back into lip glosses again after being stuck in a matte lipstick rut for years and this one isn’t like any other lip product I’ve tried.

The LIPLIFT Glossy Lip Plumper can be used on its own for a burst of colour or can also be used over the top of any other lip product for a lacquered look.

It contains Peptides (to hydrate, firm and plump fine lines, Jojoba Oil ( to nourish) and Chamomile Extract ( to soothe).

The product contains a fresh mint flavour which you can really taste and makes thin lips look and feel fuller.

This makes your lips feel super tingly and it passed the full morning (approx 6 hours) with a can of Diet Coke test that I always seem to do when I’m testing out lip products and stayed put! 

Best of all the shade, Sweet Nectar is super flattering for summer and my new favourite lip gloss that I have added into my collection. I know you guys think I’m just saying this but honestly it is. I will even include a little picture. You guys know I hate taking pictures of my face but I’m feeling super brave!! 

Other shades are available just in case you fancy a little look I will leave the link below. £12.00

We all need a good mascara and this one really lives up it it’s name. THE LARGE LASH MASCARA is a volumizing mascara with certainly brightens up your eyes. It contains Vitamin E and curls, defines, lengthens and thickens with a glossy, waterproof finish which is everything and more you could ask for in a mascara. The product comes in a thick barrel and the brush itself is quite thick with large bristles. This helps to give your lashes a pushed up look and coats every lash evenly. The brush is not made of plastic which I love as I find proper bristles apply so much better. 

The mascara is available is two shades black which is the one I’ve been sent and the other being blackest blue. This shade is meant to make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. I’m not sure about this as I’m a black mascara kind of girl but it would be interesting to find out. The mascara lasted me all day with no smudges and made my thinner lashes look thicker. I always worry about waterproof mascara being hard to remove but I removed this one in the same way as I would remove any other mascara. I haven’t tested if the product is waterproof in water but my eyes do tend to be a little bit watery and it’s held up though me watching the end of La La Land so that’s got to mean it’s waterproof... right? £14.00

What more do we need for summer than a great summer palette to make out cheeks glow. 

The SUMMER GLOW PALETTE is a  multi purpose palette provides us with natural mineral powders in a mix of both matte & glowing finishes, for a sheer luminous bronze effect. You can choose to use the shades all together or on there own, one at a time for an all year round sunkissed look.

The bronze shades can be used on cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin & anywhere you would normally tan. The shades aren’t orangey or dirty they look very natural. The highlighter shades add a subtle glow on your cheekbones, browbones, corner of eyes & anywhere you want to add a sheer glow that isn’t too much or too sparkly. I would even use the bronze shades on my eyelids for a really natural look but anything goes with this palette.

It contains Vitamin E and skin conditioning emollients and is paraben free. It lasts all day and is super flattering on all skin tones. £18.00

If you have tried any of these products before I would love to hear your views.

Do you have a favourite Pixi product? If I had to choose one from this makeup collection it would be the Lipgloss. Only because I have been stuck in a matte lipstick rut for about 5 years and it’s refreshing to discover gloss again.

As always I will leave the links below to my 

previous Pixi blog posts, just in case you missed them.

 Best of all it’s free delivery on all orders over £35 and sometimes the brand offer 10% off your first order.

Another thing to point out is that at the time I’m writing this you can pick yourself up a free deluxe travel sample with every order. 

This package not only contained exciting makeup products I was also lucky enough to receive a bag with my name on! I love personalised products and I can’t wait to be able to go back to the beach to use it. (Even though if I’m honest knowing me I will use it before I go to the beach) Its now actually hanging on the back of my door in pride of place. 

Until next time

Jue X

*Big thank you to Pixi Beauty for kindly gifting me these products to review.

PR Gifted not a paid blogpost. 

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