August 28, 2020

So today’s post is something a little bit special. If you have followed me for a while you might already know my love for phone cases.
I’m one of those people who doesn’t think it’s strange to have about 20 different phone cases lying around for different occasions. 
I’ve been a fan of a company called Case Warehouse for a while now and have talked a few times on here about the cases and their amazing service they offer.
The Case Warehouse is a Scottish based company who specialises in phone cases using many state of the art print methods.
The company was founded in 2014 and the staff have a combined 14 years experience in the print industry. The company started with one novelty phone case for a gift. Five years later the company ships over 50,000 cases out worldwide. All the orders are dispatched the very same day,
The website offer a whole range of designs that you can either order as a stand alone case or have something, like your name or special wording printed on it. This makes them personal to you or ideal to give someone as a gift. It’s completely up to you.

So when you have chosen your print you can chose what type of phone case you would like. The brand do cases for IPhones from the iPhone 6 to 11. So if you have an iPhone between those numbers you’re all good. As well as that you also get to choose the type of case you would like. 
This is why I love these cases so much because they offer so much choice. Whichever case design you choose you can either choose impact, neon impact, pink fade impact, Black impact and slim.
How amazing is that!!
So now for the case that I went for.
So I’ve been looking at the Cosmos case since July. It’s limited edition and I’ve not really seen anything like it before in a phone case. 
The Holographic case changes colour whenever it reflects the light at different angles. This makes it super hard to capture this on camera and hopefully I’ve captured the different shades with my pictures on this post. (Honestly they all all the same case!) 
It’s such a beautiful case and makes your phone really stand out as well as being stylish. 

It’s available as a single standard size. This is very good quality and even though it’s not an impact case it’s still super sturdy and would protect your phone if needed to. 
The case is normally £25.00. But CASEWAREHOUSE have an offer at the moment when you can get this case for £17.95 with Free Postage. So the price you see on the page is the price you pay. 

I will leave you the link below just so you can check this case out for yourself. 

The cases come well packed and even have a little sweet treat inclosed in your package. Which is such a lovely little gesture.

I also have a referral code for you to get £5 off.

Please don’t feel you have to purchase the Cosmos case for the £5 off as the referral code is for anything from their website.
With so many different designs to choose from making the choice is endless. 

The Coupon is valid till September so you have plenty of time to order your case.

Until next time

*Blogpost contains gifted phone case and referral code which you will get £5 off your next case. If you do use the referral code I also get £5 off my next phone case as well. 

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