September 22, 2020


So it seems like ages since I last did a favourites post so it’s definitely well over due. I thought as we are now in Autumn and the weather is getting cooler I would bring to you the products I have been loving over the last month or so and share with you my thoughts on them. 

As I like to keep thing positive on here, Unlike previous posts I’m not going to include products I have disliked as I want to keep my blog as positive as possible. The world is quite negative at the moment and no one wants to read me moaning on about products that I dislike to add to the doom and gloom. So no negativity here I promise!

None of these items have been gifted and this post is not an Ad or Gifted it’s just good products that I have bought myself. (With money I should be saving!! Oops!!!!) 

Like always, I will leave the links below to all the items as many are on offer at the moment so if you were thinking of trying them out, now might be a perfect time to do so. 

The first item I want to give a shout out to is a makeup product!  I have talked about this product so many times and if I’m honest probably too much. 

The only reason I’ve popped this into my favourites is that I really wanted to include a makeup item and the only new makeup that I’ve tried and loved are products that have been gifted. It’s been about a year since I have included this so I could give it a little mention and not feel like I’m repeating myself!! 


I did a full post about how wonderful this foundation was in 2018 and I still think it’s amazing. I will leave the link below to that post just in case you missed it. 

Now we have got the trusted old favourite out of the way onto some new ones.

A few weeks ago I tried the NIVEA GLOW CLEANSING MOUSSE. This is a new product from Nivea and I believe is exclusively available from Superdrug. 

I am onto my second bottle of this as the original bottle had been given to me from a friend who had bought it and preferred another brand so she kindly gave it to me. 

I have gone on to repurchase another one because I loved it so much. I love the smell of Nivea products and this one is no different. It cleans your face so well and removes every last bit of makeup easily. It contains Almond oil so doesn’t dry your face out either. It’s on offer as well in Superdrug so if you fancy giving it a try it won’t cost you the earth, only £2.45.

Now onto hair and I have two products I want to talk to you about. The first one is a dry shampoo. Now I have trouble with dry shampoo as my hair is dark. I usually use one for brunettes which I find a god send when my roots are showing though but not so much when my hair is freshly dyed. A new one I have discovered is the Tresemme Day 2 foaming dry shampoo. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s a mousse but not at all sticky. In fact you foam it onto your hair and it dries instantly. It makes your hair feel fresh and light weight and if it means I don’t have to wash my hair everyday.. then I’m sold!

Another great new hair product I want to add is the Pantene Pro V Minerals Leave in conditioner. I always find my hair suits a leave in conditioner rather than a wash out one. This one is also lightweight and makes your hair super smooth. It smells really nice as well which is always a bonus.

If you fancy treating yourself to a new body spray the Ex Spa Dition range from Superdrug is definitely worth a try. Now I’m not going to lie, in my local store there was six different fragrances to choose from and I only liked 3 of them. In fact I loved the De-Stress one that much I have ended up with 3! The scent contains Chamomile and Sandalwood and smells so good. I’m not sure if it does de-stress you (I’m always stressing about something!) but at least you smell nice whilst you are stressed!

My last thing is Hand Gel. Yes we are all obsessed with the stuff at the moment. I love the So Sorry Not Sorry range especially the hand gels that the brand have bought out.

It contains 60% Ethanol which I know isn’t the highest hand gel you can buy but I love the convenience of this one being a spray and you can spray everything with it. For example toilet seats, door handles etc when you’re out and about. It smells so good as well. My favourite has to be the Sweet Pea scent but you can also buy a water melon one or vanilla. I know nothing compares to washing your hands but this is a great alternative if a wash basin isn’t available.…%3F-Sorry-Not-Sorry-Hana-Tizer-Hand-Sanitizer-Gel-60ml/p/796294

So there you have it my 6 favourites for this month. 

If you have tried any of these and love them just as much as me I would love to hear from you. Also has just post made you want to try something new? I’m always keen on trying new things and if you have any recommendations I would love to hear! 

Until next time

Jue X 

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  1. Your favourites are always spot on. Amaze post. xxxxxxxx