September 12, 2020

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “I wish my teeth were whiter” I know I have. After years of drinking tea and diet cola my teeth tend to be a little bit stained. I have quite straight teeth, thanks to an amazing childhood dentist. It’s just the stains and whiteness I wish I could change. 
I think I have noticed it more this year as my twice annually dentists appointments have been understandably cancelled. 
So what better way to give us an amazing pearly white celebrity smile than the WHITE GLO range. 
White Glo was originally established in Sydney Australia in 1993 by makeup artists for models and actors. When word went around at how amazing the products worked a demand was made for the products to become available for everyone.
Barros Laboratories launched White Glo into the Australian market in 1995 with a mission to "use the latest research and technology to enable everyone to enjoy the confidence of a beautiful, white brighter smile".
The original White Glo formula sold over 1 million products in such a small amount of time and really proved popular with customers in Australia.
Today the brand is available in over 30 different countries including UK, EU, Asia, Russia and South Africa providing the world with high quality teeth whitening products at affordable prices.
So the product I want to talk to you today about is the brands Teeth Whitening Accelerator system.
This product promises you “faster teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own home”
So how does it work?....
The Accelerator uses dentist blue light technology and provides the best whitening results. The pack retails at £24.99 and Includes mouth tray with attached dentist technology blue light and specialised White Glo White Accelerator whitening gel, Shade guide and full instructions. The formula has been developed by the companies head of dental research Dr Georgios V. Sotiropoulos who is a leading teeth whitening and cosmetic and restorative dentist. 
Results are meant to be seen after the very first use so I can’t wait to try it out.  
So how does it work? 
Here’s the Science bit....
The Blue light technology light spectrum activates the active ingredients in the White Glo gel and penetrates the tooth enamel with stains or lifting and converting them into colourless oxygen particles. This makes your teeth appear whiter. The product has safe peroxide levels and is approved by Australian Government Standards. 
The product isn’t suitable for everyone, for example under 18s and it’s a must that you follow all the safety precautions before you even start using this kit. 

So is it easy to use?
Very much so yes. The kit comes with full instructions and it’s recommended you use it daily for 1-2 weeks. Then every other week. 
(I am writing this post after two weeks)
The gel is easy to apply to the tray with it being quite hard to get out of the tube there is no chance for you using to much. 
The tray at first is a little uncomfortable but you soon get used to the tray being in your mouth. The light goes off after 10 minutes so no need to time yourself as the kit does it for you. At first I just sat back for the full 10 minutes but as time went on I just got on with jobs whilst wearing it as you sort of forget it’s there. 
After 10 minutes the unit is to be removed from your mouth and then you rinse with water. 
The unit has to be washed after use which is expected. As the blue light part isn’t waterproof I found using an antibacterial hand wipe worked well to clean the light part and wash the tray part with water as you normally would do. 
I used the product for a full two weeks and really wanted to share with you my before and after pictures.
I know the lighting on the pictures isn’t the greatest and I’m not big on selfies, but I do think there is an improvement. 
After first use
After one week. (Sorry about my awkward smile and yes I am wearing my dressing gown here! 
After 14 days!
The kit comes with a colour guide and I would say my teeth at the start were number 8 and now I would say now I am a number 4 so definitely some improvement. 
The brand do recommend, whilst using this product that you don’t eat food or drink any foods that could stain your teeth which is something to think about it you can’t do without your favourite coffee or cola.
If you would like to try this kit for yourself I will leave you the link below.

Until next time
Jue X 

*Big thank you to Kilpatrick PR and White Glo for kindly gifting me these products to try out for review.

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