October 28, 2020

It’s all about Lips!! 
Contains gifted items: 
If you remember last week I told you about my over excitement about the Body Collection England’s new stand in my local Wilkinson store. You might remember me being super happy about the new products and the amazing prices. 

Because I have quite a few products to share with you guys I thought I would write a few posts to save my post being long and rambling, so I decided that each post will be separated into Eyes, Face, Lips etc. 

If you missed the last post (which was all about eyes!) let me just quickly fill you in about the brand. 

Body Collection England aim to deliver products to compliment your natural beauty. All the products are  vegan friendly and cruelty free and the brand prides itself in quality products at an affordable price. 

So today on the blog it’s all about lips!!  Now I know I said my next post was the Foundation but I really want to save that one till last, so I thought I would switch it up a bit and do my lips post first.

Now I know a few of us aren’t wearing as much lipsticks or lip products at the moment as we usually do. What with local lockdowns in the UK and having to wear face masks I have to admit I have only been sticking to lip balms this year. But I’m hopeful for a time when we all can start wearing all our makeup like normal again and at time we are going to need new lipsticks. Right?? 

Body Collection lipsticks are so affordable with nothing in this post costing over £2.50 and a lip liner costing £1.50 you can afford to have one in every shade.

So seen as I’ve mentioned the lip liners already let’s start off with those.

The lip liners are matched perfectly to the matte or high shine lipsticks that are available. These match the lipsticks perfectly. 

The ones I’ve been kindly gifted come in the form of a mechanical pencil. I find these easier to use and to carry around with you as you don’t need a separate pencil sharpener.

They are incredibly soft, making applying your liner really easy to achieve. They also have amazing staying power and I used mine as an all over colour ( I love a matte lip) and it lasted me all morning and they are so comfortable to wear as an all over shade. 

Lip liners in the shades

From top to bottom shades
Peach nude

 Now onto the lipsticks. These are available in Matte or High Gloss versions. 

Firstly can I just say how much I love the packaging. It looks super luxury and would look great in any handbag. So onto the products themselves. 

I have tried two matte ones and one High Gloss. I found them to be super comfortable and not drying at all. The red matte lipstick is a really bold statement lip and about 7 years ago I used to wear these shades all the time so it’s nice to go back to a bolder lip instead of more neutral shades. I would say you could get a whole mornings wear out of all the lip products which I think is amazing for the £2 price tag.

Sorry for the weird selfies but I wanted to show you all the lipsticks. 

High Gloss Lipstick in the shade Peach Nude
Pink Matte Lipstick
Red Matte Lipstick

Now onto my favourite product in the lips range. Again the packaging is beautiful and Body Collection have done it again with packaging that makes the product look like it’s costs lots more than it is. 

Lip crush liquid lipstick In the shade Nude

I do love a liquid lipstick especially a neutral shade and the lip crush liquid lipstick is right up my street. Firstly the price. It’s £2.50!! This is amazing. You would really struggle to find a lipstick that cheap of the same quality anywhere. The colour goes on really well and the sponge applicator feels comfortable and makes applying the product easy to do. Liquid lipsticks can dry your lips out but this one doesn’t. Again you can get a full morning wear out of this product. It wears away nicely and it’s easy to reapply. 

Lip Crush liquid lipstick in the shade nude

If you have tried any of these products I would love to hear what you think.

Do you love Body Collection England as much as me? 

I will leave all the links you need below just so you can browse the full collection. 

Until next time

Jue X 

*All gifted items but all opinions are my own.

*Big thank you to Body Collection England for kindly gifting me these lip products to try out.

Link to the whole collection in Wilkinson’s.

Link to my previous blog post

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  1. We have this stand in my local Wilko store. Need to check it out.