October 16, 2020

Contains gifted items... 
If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember back in August this year, I was talking to you about the brand Potion Paris as I had been kindly gifted a sample set containing samples of fragrances from the collection no 1 discovery set. 
I reviewed it and said in my post that the fragrance. Temptation was my overall favourite out of the six. Temptation is a seductive, strong rose, peony and wood scent. It is so long lasting and really suited my skin. You can imagine my surprise when I was again kindly gifted the full size refillable Vial with two temptation refills. 

So if you missed my original post let me fill you a little bit about the brand. 

So who are Potion Paris? 

For those of you who have never heard of the brand before Potion Paris is a cruelty free brand which combines the traditions of the past alongside the demands of the today’s world and combat global waste. The mission of the brand is to care for the world we live in and strive to set an example to other companies for environmental issues.

The brand's collection is made from naturally derived rare, precious, ethically-sourced and sustainable ingredients, and is cruelty and toxin-free. All the fragrances come in 10ml glass vials.

Getting their inspiration from the tradition of perfume fountains born in the 18th century the company do a return, refill, repeat programme with free return of 10 empty 10ml fragrance vials which will be cleaned, sanitised and refilled and two 10ml vials of the fragrance of your choice sent back in return. 

The 10ml refillable fragrances ( which are the ones I’ve been sent along side the Vial) are used to slot inside the brand beautiful iconic Vials which themselves take inspiration from historical perfumes houses who’s  bottles were designed by famous Crystal Engravers. Making this idea sustainable beauty, little waste and a gorgeous refillable perfume bottle for your dressing table that you never have to throw away. This to me is an amazing ideal because I always feel sad when I throw away a beautiful bottle at the end of its fragrance life.

If this idea sound amazing to you, why not pick  up yourself one of the Potion Paris Collection No 1 discovery sets and pick out a new favourite fragrance for yourself.

I have left you all the links below so you can pick one up for yourself. 

And best of all, all the Potion Paris eau de parfums are vegetarian, cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free so no skin nasties. 

Before I go I just want to say thank you for reading and on going support. It means such a lot to me.

I always return comments and answer emails (unless it’s not family friendly!!) so please feel free to leave one. 

Until next time.

Jue X 

Big thank you to Abigail from Freedom PR and Potion Paris for kindly gifting me these and the previous perfumes to try out. 

Link to the Potion Paris website


Link to my previous post.


Link to buy the discovery set that I featured in my previous post. 


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  1. What a beautiful bottle!! Lovely post!

    1. It’s such a lovely bottle. So pretty. Thank you so much for commenting X

  2. So pretty. They sound really good Jue x

    1. It’s so pretty isn’t it Bea. Thank you so much for commenting X

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    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting and taking the time to read my post X