October 15, 2020

Make your old tweezers feel like new again!! 
Gifted-/  I don’t know about you but I’ve got dozens of pairs of tweezers lying around in drawers around my home. All of which are blunt and unusable. They no longer grip the short hairs and a few pairs which I used for false lashes are covered in glue.

I usually buy my tweezers from places like Primark where you can pick up a pair for a £1 and it was easier for me to just throw yet another pair into my little basket on my regular shopping trip. Not only is this really wasteful with money but is very wasteful for environment as well.

So when I was introduced to the amazing concept of Tweezerfile it really got me thinking what a brilliant idea. It’s something I had never thought of doing and was super excited about the product.

I’m  not the only one, as this product has won a few awards including, The Beauty Awards 2019 Bronzer winner.

As soon as this handy file arrived though my letter box, I went around collecting up all my old tweezers to give them a new lease of live.

The product is available in two shades coral or petrol blue and are made of diamond plated stainless steel. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and doesn’t feel sharp to the touch. 

So does it work...

Simple answer.. Yes.. I’ve now got more pairs of really sharp like new Tweezers than I would ever need or hope for!

 In fact most of the pairs are better than they were when they were new and I never realised Tweezers could be that sharp. 

It’s so easy and safe to use. (Just like filing your nails) It’s super quick and makes your tweezers like new in a heartbeat. 

So how do you use the Tweezerfile

1. Hold the tweezerfile in one hand and grip it with your tweezer.

2. Slide the tweezer up and down, gently applying equal pressure on the top and bottom blade.

3. Admire how your tweezers are back to old glory gripping every single hair you're after!*

* taken from the Tweezerfile website. 

The handy tool also doubles up as a nail file, which yes I’ve tried also and it’s perfect!! 

It’s small enough for travel and to keep in your handbag and you just maybe never will need to buy a new pair of tweezers ever again!!! 

If you fancy giving life back to any pairs of tweezers you have lying around. Maybe you have a really expensive pair or you have had a pair for years and they just need a little sharpen I will leave the link below.

Not only is it a product that you need in your life it would also make any excellent Christmas gift. (Sorry to mention Christmas so early!!) 

Until next time.


Big thank you to Tweezerfile for kindly gifting me one of their products to try out for review.

Gifted item and not paid post

All opinions are my own! 

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