November 10, 2020

Gifted/- If like me you love a good bath bomb and have a bit of a collection going on in your bathroom you are going to love this post. Maybe you know someone who’s idea of heaven on Christmas morning is to open up lots of bath products and over indulge on the bathing glory. Or maybe in these lock down times (here in the UK) you know someone who just would appreciate a little pick me up treat to add to part of their stay at home self care routine. So this brings me nicely to the new collection from bubble T.

Bubble T bath and body are a range of products that we should all have in our bathrooms. With its super cute packaging and a wide range of scents, what’s not too love!  Every single product on the website is Paraben, SLS and cruelty-free and Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a range of tea-infused ingredients. (Hence the name Bubble T!!) The ranges include Rainbow Tea Edition, Pantone Edition, Moroccan Mint Tea, Lemongrass & Green Tea, Hibiscus & Açai berry and the range in which all of my gifted items (except the Gin & Tonic hand gel) are from the Summer Fruits Tea collection. 
The Summer Fruits Tea collection is packed with ripe raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with white tea and goji berry extracts. The scent smells like summer in a bottle and even if this years summer wasn’t the one that we were hoping for, the scent will definitely remind you of previous summers that were special. 

So what’s in the collection.

I have decided to go though each product one at a time and have left the links at the bottom of the page. So I’m going to start off with the BATH AND SHOWER JELLY
So I’m super excited with this product. It is a bath and shower jelly. This unique product comes in a little pot and retails at £3.99. The product does actually look like jelly and definitely look good enough to eat! ( even though we are not going to do that as it says on the packaging of all of these products “don’t drink me” ) The consistently of the product feels like jelly as well and lathers up really nicely. It’s smells amazing with the ingredients being raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and white tea. It’s really refreshing and leaves your skin feeling super soft with a beautiful scent all over your body. 
If you love sweet summery scents you are going to love this.
This body spray smells like summer in a bottle. The 100ml spray bottle is small enough to fit into your handbag or weekend away bag. It contains raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, goji berry and white tea extracts to create the perfect fresh and fruity combination. The spray costs £2.99 which is such a good price for such an amazing product.
BIG BATH MACARON FIZZER IN SUMMER FRUITS TEA and MACARON BATH FIZZERS IN SUMMER FRUITS TEA are so cute and make the ideal gift to treat yourself or a loved one.
The giant single bath bomb fizzer retails at £3.99 and the set costs £5.99 and you get 5 in the tube.
The scent of both is amazing and you can really smell the raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, white tea and goji berry extracts. Not only do they smell amazing but they also cleanse and nourish the skin whilst leaving the great scent on your skin behind them.
The giant macaron would be perfect for a special occasion or a treat whilst the little ones would make every bath time special.
The brand recommend you use 1-2 ( of the mini ones) in your bath but I think 1 is enough to make a cute lovely pink beautiful smelling bath that will make your skin super soft afterwards. 
Both make excellent gift ideas for any age! 


So when I first saw these I thought what a blast from the past. I remember when I was a little girl bath pearls were a thing! I used to get them for Christmas in little sets and be obsessed. These pretty much work exactly the same as I remember. Again the scent is raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, white tea and goji berry extracts and the brand recommend using 1-2 bath oil pearls in each bath which I would recommend. These would make an amazing gift for someone who remembers the nostalgia of the 90s. The whole bag costs £5.99 which when you consider how many baths you can get from the whole bag seems like quite a good deal.

So now onto the hand sanitizer. Yes the brand even have beautiful scented hand gel as well.

The two that I have been sent are the 

GIN AND TONIC ANTI BACTERIAL CLEANSING HAND GEL and the VANILLA CHAI ANTI BACTERIAL CLEANSING HAND GEL. Both are 50ml in size making them perfect for handbags or just to have in the car.
This anti-bacterial hand gel contains a quick drying formula which leaves your hands feeling smooth and soft without any stickiness at all. 
Both kill 99% of all harmful germs whilst after the initial alcohol scent leaves your hands not only germ free but also smelling great. 
Each bottle retails at £2.50 each which is a super affordable price to pay for hand gel. 
I have left the link below to all the website so you can have a good look around. At the time of writing this all the products I have are in still available. If you do buy something I would love to know what you’ve bought so don’t forget to comment down below! 

Until next time

Jue X 

*Blogpost contains gifted items.

*Big thank you to Bubble T for kindly gifting me these products to try out for review.


Summer fruits tea body spray link


Link to the Macaron bath bomb fizzers 


Link to the giant bath bomb fizzer


Link to the bath pearls


Link to all the hand sanitizers 


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