November 14, 2020

Gifted-/ Face Products you need in your life now! 
 If you remember a few weeks ago I told you about my over excitement about the Body Collection England’s new stand in my local Wilkinson store. You might remember me being super happy about the new products and the amazing prices. Since my initial excited I  have been using and loving the products and the brand did kindly gift me some products to try out. Because I have quite a few products to share with you guys I thought I would write a few posts to save my post being long and rambling, so I decided that each post will be separated into Eyes, Face and Lips and today it’s the turn of the face products. I do have quite a few face products. 
If you missed the last post (which was all about lips!) let me just quickly fill you in about the brand. 
Body Collection England aim to deliver products to compliment your natural beauty. All the products are vegan friendly and cruelty free and the brand prides itself in quality products at an affordable price. 
Affordable face products are definitely getting better. I know when I started wearing makeup you really had to spend a bit more to get a good base but times have changed and now you can get a really good bottle of foundation for under £5. The Body Collection England Illuminating liquid foundation retails at £4 and gives off a light to medium buildable coverage. The product comes in a pump action glass bottle which makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is.
My local stand only had 4 shades to choose from and the two that I have been sent are Light beige and Ecru. Both to be honest are quite similar shades and really suited my skin tone when mixed together. I am always mixing together foundations especially when I’ve applied fake tan or when my natural tan has faded.
I do usually go for matte finish foundations but as I’m getting older I am turning to more illuminating foundations and this one is super flattering without making you look shiny. 
The foundation is long lasting but I did cheat a little and did use some setting spray over the top. It lasted me all day which I think is amazing for such a budget foundation product. 

So with every good foundation you need a pore minimising primer and Body Collection England have you covered there as well.
The primer from the range comes in a 30ml tube and is very similar consistency to the more expensive look a like. This one retails at £3 so definitely a beauty bargain. 
I don’t really have many open pores but it makes a great canvas to add your foundation over the top of. 
If you suffer with dark shadows under your eyes then the Illuminating under eye concealer might need to be a staple in your makeup bag. I have it in the shade light which is ideal for under my eye area. I do tend to go lighter under my eyes to try and cover the darkness. The product comes in a tube of 4ml with a little brush to apply. I do prefer a brush to apply rather than a sponge applicator as I find it’s easier to blend. (The brand do sell a sponge applicator concealer if you do prefer those for £2) but this one is slightly more expensive at £2.50 so whichever one you prefer both are a real beauty bargain and cover your under eyes perfectly. 

I think every makeup bag needs a Coral powder blush in there and this one is perfect.
The product is a good size of 11g and costs only £2. The colour payoff is really good and one swipe of the blush is just enough colour to leave an amazing glow on your skin. This blush is available in 5 different shades if coral is not for you and I will be definitely going back to my local Wilkinson store for one of the other shades available sometime soon. 

Blusher in the shade Coral
The next two items are from the brands baked blusher and bronzer range of products and they are the Illuminating baked blusher in the shade Pink and Illuminating baked bronzer in the shade light/medium. Both are a generous 12grams of product in size and the blusher is available in 2 shades and the bronzer is available in light to medium and medium to dark. Both the products really illuminate your skin and give your skin a lovely glow. These both retail at £2.50 each which is an amazing price for a product of this quality.
Baked blusher in the shade Pink
Baked Bronzer in the shade Light/medium 
If you like the easiness of a stick for your makeup then you are going to love the next two products.
I don’t have shade names for these two products so I’m not sure if any other shades are available or these two are the only shades available. 
The blusher and bronzer sticks are so creamy and blend-able. The blusher gives off such a beautiful glow finish and is buildable if you require a more blushed look but for me one swipe of the stick is enough. 
The bronzer still gives off such a beautiful glow and is amazing to use as a contour as well. Now you guys know how much I love a multi use product so here the best bit!! It doubles up as an cream eyeshadow. Since receiving this product I haven’t really been using any other product on my eyelids. I use a little brush to apply as the stick is quite thick to apply it straight to the eyelids but it’s such a beautiful colour and for the price of £2.50 I would definitely recommend.

I love the fact that you can get a full makeup bag of products for under £20 from this brand and I will definitely be trying out more from the range so I will keep you posted if I try anything else that I think deserves a mention.

If you have tried any of these products I would love to hear what you think.
Do you love Body Collection England as much as me? 
I will leave all the links you need below just so you can browse the full collection. 
Until next time

Jue X 

*All gifted items but all opinions are my own.
*Big thank you to Body Collection England for kindly gifting me these lip products to try out.

Link to the whole collection in Wilkinson’s.

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