November 22, 2020

The Worlds first self tan removing exfoliating scrub!
Post contains gifted item 
If you are anything like me removing your old faded tan can feel like such a chore. We have all been there when you old week old tan has faded. You want the look of a freshly applied tan but don’t want the hassle of removing your old one. Well if this is you (it’s definitely me!!) let me tell you about a brand and product that will change the way you remove your tan.
So firstly let me tell you a bit about the brand. You know how I love a good back story!!! 
Rose & Caramel was created in 2010 by, Rosie & her business partner Carmel. With the ideal to produce the best fake tan.
With the help of herbalist Mr. G. Alexander, they developed formulas that they trialled in their own beauty salon. Their very first product launch was the Nudity Aerosol. This was the world’s first cream based spray tan. This worked by developing on skin cells. This made for a mess free home tanning routine achievable to everyone. 

 Nudity Aerosol
Picture taken from the website

The company went from from strength to strength with a full tanning range to suit all skin tones and types. They are at the forefront with first innovations such as their multi- award-winning Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath and now the Purity Excel which is the worlds first self tan removing exfoliator. 

Award winning Purity self tan removing bubble bath
(Picture taken from the website)

The ethos of the brand is “to put love, thought & logic into each product to achieve the best tan possible while caring for the environment” and it’s easy to see how the brand is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. The brand have a large celebrity following as well, such as Holly Hagan  and have been nominated and won numerous global beauty awards. 
what’s this exciting product then.
The Purity Excel is a self tan removing exfoliating scrub. It is 100% vegan, paraben, sulphate and oil free.
It’s designed to keep skin hydrated and is ideal for all skin types. 
It comes in a large generous sturdy sized 450ml tub which is simple to look at and classy. 
The Purity Excel has been formulated to be the most effective way to remove self tan with its new advanced ingredients. It contains natural pearlier that is known for its strong exfoliating capabilities and is a key self tan removal ingredient. 
The product smells really good and the exfoliation pearlite are very tiny and not too harsh that you are scared to pop it on your skin. 
This product is so easy to use. You rub the Purity Excel all over your fake tan faded dry skin and leave it on for 3 minutes so it can work it’s exfoliating magic. The product doesn’t feel too rough on your skin (even though it’s an exfoliating product) It’s not too runny and smells really lovely. Next run yourself a nice warm bath or shower and using a exfoliating mitt or gloves ( I used the gloves that were kindly gifted) gently buff away your old skin and self tan.
Afterwards admire how beautiful your exfoliated skin looks and feels so super soft without any hint of your old tan. Some exfoliation products can be harsh on your skin. I know sometimes I have been a little bit red after I have removed my tan but this product actually made my skin feel and smell amazing. It’s not too greasy either which is a bonus as even though you don’t want to dry out your skin you don’t want a sticky greasy mess either (like some removers I used in the past!) 
I would even use this product on untanned skin just for the exfoliation and softness alone. 

It provides you with the perfect clean base to apply your next tan without the hint of colour from your last one. I’ve tried it on two different brands of fake tan and the Purity Excel removed them both exactly the same. I think you could actually remove any brand with this product. 
The tub would last you ages as well. I found you only needed a very thin covering so depending on how many times you remove your tan to reapply (I’m about once a week) the tub is going to last you a while.

Like always I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy trying this out for yourself. It’s available from Rose and Caramel, Feel Unique and Pretty Little Thing.

Purity Excel Self Tan Removing Exfoliator (450ml) is available at www.roseandcaramel.co.ukwww.feelunique and www.prettylittlething for £26.99 

Until next time 
Stay Safe!
Jue X

* Big thank you to Rose and Caramel and Word of Mouth communications for kindly gifting me this product to review! 
*Not a paid for post and all opinions are my own! 

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