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November 17, 2020

This post contains Gifted items & Gift ideas 
So it’s that time of year already. I’m not going to lie I haven’t really enjoyed this year. But even though I don’t really feel Christmassy as such, As part of my Christmas gift idea posts I thought it would be good to share with you one of the ARK Skimcare gift collections that I couldn’t live without and share with you the whole of the set. 
This gift contains the Age Defend Night Treatment (which I have tried and loved before) and 5 Space masks which I have never tried and they sound so exciting.
You also get a free gift bag to gift the collection in.
So before I try out the products let me to you a bit about the brand. 
So I first discovered Ark Skincare just before Christmas last year. I really enjoyed using all the products and find that each one that I have tried really worked for my skin. 
Ark skincare is an award winning skincare brand that uses bio active ingredients that contain highly effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins.
The age specific products ensure you have the right formula of product according to the age of your skin for example young skin needs protecting and mature skin needs higher level of nourishment.

So the products I really want to talk to you today about are the brands Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment that launched earlier this year (Jan 2020) and the brands SpaceMasks. Both the products are aimed at the brands “Beauty sleep is not a myth” theory which I do believe to be true! So firstly the AgeDefend Regenerating Night Treatment. 

 The product is age appropriate for example the one I’ve been sent is from the Ark Age Defend range with Ark Skincare also producing  another one being from the Age Defy range for older skins. The age defend regenerating night treatment is formulated for those in their 30s and 40s. The age defy repairing night treatment is formulated for those in their 50s and onwards. So whatever your age bracket the brand have you covered.

The creams are the result of extensive research and have been developed with the latest understanding of how cells rejuvenate in the night.
This new launch was a first for the brand and it was super exciting to be one of the first peoplw to try out this amazing new product back in January and again now! 
So what are the key ingredients to the Age Defend and the Age Defy Night treatments. Both of the creams are packed with active powerful ingredients that will increase hydration, boost collagen and elasticity, detoxify, soothe and reduce inflammation. This allows you to look rested and glowing in the morning.

The Defend repairing night treatment includes Rovisome Q10, Kiwi Seed Oil, Passion Seed Oil, Cordarom Blue Lotus, Vitamin E, Vitamin A Palmotate and Shea Butter.
 Where as the Defy Repairing night treatment contains Hyaluronic Acid, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Vorage Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Fruitliquid Goji. So which ever one suits your skin age it’s packed with goodness that will give your skin an extra treat.

So I’ve been using the night cream for a few months now and I’m already hooked. It’s super easy to apply. Just one pump out of the little pump and it was enough for my face. It soaked nicely into my skin and it didn’t really have a strong smell and instantly soothes when applied. It felt like a little skin treatment to use at bedtime and the next morning and all week my skim has been feeling surprisingly calm, smooth and clear. This is surprising as in the colder months my skin doesn’t generally feel this way.
This cream really helped my skin especially in the summertime as I suffer with pigmentation more in these months. The cream also contains anti inflammatory properties that help with rosacea and acne so if you suffer with those skin conditions this would be perfect for you.

Which ever age range you are you know that Ark have a night treatment to suit your skin. Both the creams are 97% natural, Vegan, Made in Britain and are free from known irritants such as Parabens, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, SD Alcohol, Formaldehyde, Sodium Laurel Ether Sulphate, Artificial Fragrances and colours.
The cream on its own retails at £42 so to be able to buy it in this gift really saves you money in the long run.

So now onto the SpaceMasks. If the name of this product doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will. For me they sound like the ultimate night mask treatment and the perfect way to unwind after a hard day providing you with interstellar relaxation. The masks come in a pack of 5 and are for single use. Each of the masks are individually wrapped and gently heat up when the little super cute designed blue packet is opened. You simply unfold the mask, place it gently over your eyes and fit the loops around your ears. The masks are ideal to use in the evening to relieve tension and to rest your eyes before bedtime but, of course you can use it at any time of the day. The mask contains essence of jasmine and iron powder which is how the heating magic happens Now for the science bit.... This works by the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere mixing with the iron particles in a natural heat exchange! . The mask stays warm for 15 minutes but the mask can be left on longer if needed to be.
A pack of 5 masks retails normally for £15 and make an amazing relaxing gift for someone who enjoys a pamper. 
These masks really help you relax and feel amazing. They do stay warm and help make your eyes feel and look refreshed and relaxed. They also feel super comfortable
I hope this has given you some gift ideas and I will leave you the link to this gift set below. 

The gift retails at £49 which when you consider the products alone are worth £57 making an amazing saving of £8 it’s totally worth it! 

Until next time
Jue X

*Contains gifted items but isn’t a paid post and all opinions are my own.
Big thank you to Ark Skincare for kindly gifting me this to try out.

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