December 01, 2020

Contains Gifted Items 
So, Im lucky I don’t really suffer from bad skin but every so often my skin has a bit of a wobble. I do suffer with open pores and can always tell when I’m not using the right products. 
When I was asked to try Funderm, one look at the super fancy packaging and I had to say yes.

So who are Funderm and what do they have to offer our skin? 

So I have been sent two products from the range to try out. These are the 24/7 Oil free moisturiser and the Clean Master gentle Cleansing foam.
Funderm products are made from natural ingredients. They contain Prebiotic, Probiotics and Dead Sea minerals. They have used these amazing natural powers in the brands collection of skin-enhancing products. 
The products are cruelty free and contain clinically proven active ingredients with proven results 
Their mission is to improve skin health and appearance to everyone with their unisex products. The brand recommend it for young skin. Even though my skin isn’t young I can still appreciate the benefits it offers to everyone. The packaging is very appealing and really makes the products stand out. 

So first I’m going to talk about the moisturiser. Even oily skin needs a good moisturiser and this one is perfect for oily/combination skin types. The 24/7 Oil free moisturiser retails at £35 and is an oil-free 3-in-1 moisturiser that boosts hydration, calms irritation and smooths skin. 
The tube uses a pump action. This gives you just the right amount of product to use. This makes application super easy.

This creamy texture feels great on your skin. It’s not at all sticky and is so light it soaks into your skin beautifully. It smells really nice and it’s active ingredients have really helped to improve my open pores that I get around my nose to get smaller. 

I love how this makes my skin feel and is great to use for that odd spot we all get from time to time. It really reduced the redness after applying this the night before the morning after. The product is SLS and Paraben free as well, so no skin nasties and I feel it’s definitely improved my skin in a very short time span. 
So now onto the Clean Master! Firstly I love the name. I’m a big fan of Cleansing foams, as I feel they clean my skin better than a liquid or a cream. I  have been using this twice daily as part of my morning and evening skincare regime. The Clean Master retails at £23 for 250ml of product and a little goes a really long way as you only need one pump for your whole face. The product is best suited for oily/combination skin types like the moisturiser. My skin type is combination so this works perfectly for me.

The Cleansing Foam leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh without drying it out or irritating and smells really nice. 

The product not only leaves your skin feeling amazing but it removes excess sebum and exfoliates and unclogs pores as well as keeping your skin beautifully hydrated. 
My skin felt really soft and all clean ready for either the day ahead or removing every last trace of dirt ( makeup ) in the evening. 
I love how both these products worked for my skin. I also love how I wasn’t so shiny by dinner time and how my occasional spots calmed down practically over night whilst using the moisturiser. This impressed me so much as the brand do sell a separate spot treatment which I may end up having to purchase. 
If you suffer from Oily/ Combination skin these are the products that you are going to need in your life! They are complete game changers and wish I had discovered the brand years ago. 
If you would like to try either of these products I will leave the links below.
Other products are available from the brand as well so I will leave you the link to the whole website as well. 
If you buy something I would love to hear how well it works for your skin.
Until next time

Jue X

Gifted- Big thank you to Sparkle PR and Funderm for kindly gifting me these products to try out to review.

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