December 06, 2020

The perfect Christmas gift!
Contains gifted items

If you have followed me for a while you might already know my love for beauty Subscription boxes. It’s a great way of trying new products that you might not have even thought about trying. I also love the element of surprise.

Roccabox has to be one of  my favourite Subscription boxes. It was my very first subscription box I ever received, as until recently I was a subscription box newbie. It’s always full of goodies that never disappoint. Each one I have received in the past has been a complete joy to open and so exciting to try out all the new products. It’s literally like Christmas every month. 
If you are new to Roccabox, it isn’t some big beauty house brand it’s a small Yorkshire based company founded by Tia in 2017. Each month Roccabox produce a box that is aimed at anyone who is a total beauty junkie, any age, size or lifestyle. It’s for someone who loves to try out new things but has no idea of what to buy and someone who doesn’t have time to search the thousands of beauty products on offer and loves the element of surprise. If this sounds like you (it’s definitely me!! ) this box could be perfect. 

The boxes have been featured in a Elle, Closer and Glamour and offer either one off boxes to try out or 3,6 and 12 month box subscription packages delivered straight to your door! 

So what’s in this months box? 
This months box is all about Party and Pampering!! 
I know the “party season” isn’t quite the way we had planned this year but that doesn’t mean we still won’t be partying in our own homes. We still need some pampering and self care to get us though the month. The December box contains all the products that have been tried, tested and loved. They are what I can imagine to be “can’t live without”products. What more do you need. 

The Roccabox comes as always in a beautiful baby pink shade box. It’s full to the brim of goodies and it’s so exciting to see what’s in each month. So what’s in the beauty box this month. 
Every month the box has a hero product. It’s usually the most expensive product in the box and this month we are in for a treat

Bellapierre Cosmetics Heatwave Highlighting Palette RRP £24.99 (full size)

So every Roccabox has a stand out product and this full sized Highlighting Palette from Bellapierre is this months highlight!!!!
This one is perfect to provide a subtle nude highlight that is perfect for this time of year when we want to glam up a little. 
The palette contains five shimmering nudes that are perfect to highlight cheekbones and on your eyelids. Each shade is very flattering to all skin tones and isn’t overboard like some highlighters can be. 
The shades are perfect for day to night and can be built up. They are so beautiful and I will include swatches below so you can see what I mean. So you can really glow this festive season. 

Batiste X Skinny Dip Dry Shampoo RRP £3.99 (full size)

If you have followed me for a while you may know that I am obsessed with Skinny Dip. I literally buy anything that says Skinny Dip on the label (I have a phone case obsession!!) and love a good collab. I am also obsessed with Batiste and always have a can in my bathroom cupboard as it means I can have an extra 15mins in bed without washing my hair especially at this time of year.
This one smells amazing and a quick spritzy from this can get your locks from zero to hero in seconds. It’s a complete miracle worker to your hair. 

 Grace & Stella - Dead Sea Mud Mask RRP £8 (Travel sized)

At this time of year my skin always feels a bit meh! So a good skin loving mask is just what is needed.
This one from Grace and Stella is doubly powerful and deeply cleanses and draws out impurities, while also pushing nutrients and minerals deep into the skin. As well as this it also contains gentle exfoliating clay that heals inflammation and acne, while fatty acids boost moisture levels. It’s everything that thirsty, hungover, tired complexions need for after Christmas and the new year!! 

SMUG Silk Luxury Sleep Mask RRP £15 (full size)

If you are anything like me, you may have trouble sleeping in the day. There only has to be one bit of light and I’m awake. This is where this next item is perfect.
Not only does it block out every inch of light but is super comfy with its plush silk material. (It’s so soft!!) It also has moisturising properties to stop your skin drying out overnight! This for me is important as if I get dry skin under my eyes my laughter lines (definitely not wrinkles here!!) start to show! (Not a good look!) So a perfect product to not only help you get your beauty sleep but also to help your skin as well!!! 

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum RRP £10* (travel size)

If you suffer from skin dullness this little pick me up might be just what your morning after the night before skin needs.  
As well as Vitamin C that replaces dullness with a major glow it’s also full of Hyaluronic acid to quench thirsty dehydrated skin 
Not only is this amazing for your skin it also contains an uplighting fragrance that will make you and your skin feel amazing. 

If you fancy one of these fantastic boxes for yourself or perhaps you fancy subscribing to receive it every month at £10 per box it’s such a great deal when the products added together cost so much more.
These make fantastic Christmas gifts as they come so beautifully wrapped and an amazing idea for beauty lovers everywhere.

I will leave the Roccabox link below so you can see for yourself how amazing this subscription box is.

The December Roccabox is priced at £10 and available while stocks last. It contains 5 products with a total value of over £52. Available at

Until next time

Jue X

*Big thank you to Roccabox for kindly gifting me this box to try out. All opinions are my own and this is not a paid post. 

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