January 24, 2021

Post contains gifted item! 
One of my New Years resolutions for this year was to save a little bit of money. One of my weaknesses is nice perfume.
If only there was a way that you could smell “expensive” without paying out the designer price tag! If you share my thoughts in regards to this then this is the blog post for you and brings me nicely onto The Fragrance World.

So who are The Fragrance World?

The Fragrance World are a small company who like us have always loved fragrances but not so much the price tag. They have used their knowledge and know how to create fragrances using the same or similar notes to expensive male, female or unisex designer fragrances. 

They don’t compromise on ingredients either and only use the highest quality ingredients, making perfect smelling fragrances at a fraction of the designer cost.

Even though the smells are only a guide and are not to be mistaken by the real deal, The Fragrance World is an amazing way of buying or trying out an old favourite or new fragrance without having to spend a fortune.

So The Fragrance World kindly gifted me a bottle of their 50ml perfume to try out for myself and I can honestly say I’m impressed. 

The bottle came neatly packaged in a lovely little cute black pouch and the bottle is simple but would still look great on your dressing table with the black lid and the pretty font on the bottle. 

The fragrance I went for is called “guilty pleasure” . All the fragrances do have similar names to the more expensive fragrance for example this one is “Guilty Pleasure” and is like “Guilty” as it contains the same notes yet is a lot cheaper.

You can get three size bottles 5ml, 50ml, 100ml with prices starting at just £4.95. I think it’s such a good idea that you are able to purchase a 5ml bottle as not only is this so good to try but perfect to carry around in your handbag as well. 

You literally can’t tell the difference between this and the more expensive perfume and I can’t really fault it. The scent lasted so long on me and you can still smell it on my coat now, even now, so definitely good staying power here.

Even though “nights out” in the UK are off the cards at the moment in the current situation. The smaller 5ml bottle would be fantastic to pop into a small purse as a top up to save carrying around a big fancy bottle with you. 

I will leave a link below and a list of available fragrances so you can check out all the fragrances available just in case you fancy treating yourself or a loved one.

Until next time

Jue X 

*gifted post

*all opinions are my own

*Big thank you to The Fragrance World for kindly gifting me this fragrance to try out.

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  1. Wow! A very impressive list of fragrances there! Spoilt for choice!