January 30, 2021

Post contains gifted item
So I’m always excited to be trying out new products and after loving the NeuroSkinFeeds, The MicroOil last year, I am super excited to hear about this latest offering from the brand.
It’s a brand new ingredient led hydrating product for your skin and mind.
 If you have been struggling during these uncertain times and you may be feeling not at your best and you might be need a little bit of extra TLC. What better way to improve your skin and mood than by using this intense rejuvenation and radical restructuring product. This might be a complete skin / mood game changer for us all. Which lets face it is what we all need at the moment in these uncertain times! 

So first the back story!! Every good product needs a back story and I always like to include this in my post! 
So the company was founded in 2017 and launched in 2020 after years of research and development by leading Spanish counsellor and addiction specialist, Tatu Cutillas 
Tatu was born in Spain and moved to London in 1988 after a career change from Law to training as a therapist. focusing on addiction and post addiction whilst working at The Priory in Roehampton. 
Tatu discovered there is a strong connection between what you put onto your skin and your mood, with certain ingredients having a negative effect and some having a positive effect. With the success of the MicroOil (I can confirm it’s such a good product) It’s now time to introduce the brands latest product of the MicroMilk!! 
So we think of skincare being all about the face. I know I only really tend to think about my body skin in the summer time when I’m not so covered up and can see the skin damage. I’m thinking sun exposure and hard water exposure that our bodies are subjected to on a day to day basis. 
NeuroSkinFeeds has all this covered with the introduction of The MicroMilk (£33.00 for 250ml). The MicroMilk continues with the NeuroSkinFeeds ethos of balancing body and mind with its Intense Barrier Repair with CSD oil and goes hand in hand with the MicroOil. The Micromilk provides radial restructuring to your skin with intense barrier repair! 

The MicroMilk combines the latest science and the best of nature for the ultimate in total body wellness which if used daily (morning and night) keeps dryness at bay and leaves us with silky soft skin and a positive mind. 

The key ingredient is Aloe vera gel. This is so perfect at hydrating. Soothing and Cooling the skin. It’s also perfect at reducing inflammation and itchiness, it’s hydrating, soothing and cooling. It reduces inflammation is known for its anti-bacterial and healing properties and is easily absorbed. The product also contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. This helps to hydrate the skin to lock in moisture without leaving any greasy feeling after application. What tends to put me off using a body lotion is that they can be greasy so this is an important factor for me. 
The product also contains Karite which is Shea butter to me. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and has vitamins to soften skin. It’s also Anti-inflammatory and healing, it conditions, tones and soothes skin. It’s rich in vitamins A and E, and has anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. I always love using products that contain Shea Butter as it’s one of my favourite skincare ingredients so it’s amazing that this product contains this ingredient.
The MicroMilk also contains Camelina sativa seed oil. This is a strong antioxidant due to high vitamin E content. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming sensitised skin, whilst adding moisture and boosting the immune system. It’s also packed with omega 3 fatty acids and is suitable for all skin conditions. 
And last of all Cannabis sativa seed oil + 1% CBD. CBD is so popular at the moment. This intensively nourishes and regenerates sensitive and tired skin as well as reducing redness to help damage from the sun, pollution, and ageing. It’s rich in vitamins A and E that helps to deeply moisturises and improves skin structure and relaxes the skin and mind. 
The MicroMilk takes care of your skin, your mind and your mood in only a way that known to NeuroSkinFeeds....naturally.
So how did I find this product.
First of all I love the packaging. It’s fresh and eye catching and very similar to the MicroOil packaging. (Except the shade) The product comes in a generous 250ml pump action bottle which I find is super easy to use.
The product is super silky and soaks into the skin beautifully ( I have been using it as a hand cream with great results). It’s lighter than a body lotion and leaves a light scent onto your skin. I love how this will probably work great in the summer months as it contains Aloe Vera for a cooling effect. This is perfect in hot weather. 
This product definitely makes you feel better as I’m a big believer that if your skin looks good you feel good. 
My skin tends to feel a lot drier in the winter months due to harsh weather conditions and using fake tan so this product really helped me with this factor as well. 
Basically it’s amazing and I’m really enjoying using it at the moment! 
I am definitely going to carry on using the product over the next few months and will get back to you. 

It’s also worth noting that all NeuroSkinFeeds products are vegan, 100% natural and cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin. So all skin types are catered for. 

I will leave you the link below

Until next time

Jue X

*Big thank you to Abigail from Freedom PR and NSF for kindly gifting me the MicroMilk to try out.
*gifted post but all opinions are my own.
If you missed my post about the Neuroskinfeeds MicroOil I will link it below.

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