February 26, 2021

The Lipgloss that you need in your life! 
I’m loving the fact that lipglosses have become a “thing” again. And about time in my opinion. I don’t know about you but for the past few years I’m been obsessed with the nude matte lip and it’s time for a welcomed change.
Back in the day I used to always use tube lipglosses. I found them perfect for handbags and always bought a new one for holidays. You you can imagine my over excitement when three beautiful new lipglosses arrived though my letterbox from a company called CandyGloss LDN. I really wanted to share with you guys my love for the glosses after trying them out and a bit about the brand with what’s available. 
So CandyGloss LDN are a small lip gloss business, run by the lovely Aaliyah. They produce affordable handmade glosses that are hydrating, healthy and pretty too. 
The brand have turned their passion for lip gloss into a successful online store and that really shows in the products. The products look fun, cute, exciting and inviting and some of them look good enough to eat! They are all great quality and really affordable. 
So the product or collection I want to talk to you today about is the Valentine’s Collection priced at £15.95 for a set of three lipglosses. This makes them just over £5 each so a real beauty bargain! 

First of all, the packaging to the Valentine’s Day collection came in a beautiful pink envelope with a little card. This is a touch that doesn’t go wasted on me. I know packaging shouldn’t matter but to me something so cute is amazing and makes the product that extra bit special.
All three of the lipglosses are infused with coconut oil and grapeseed oil to keep lips extra hydrated, leaving them super comfortable and kissably soft. 
The collection contains two creamy pink glosses (one more darker pink in shade than the other) and a pink shimmer lip topper! I love a good pink gloss as I find they look great for a more natural look. 
The topper can be worn alone or on top of your favourite lip colour for that added extra shine. This is amazing for me as I’ve got a large collection of matte lipsticks that I can start wearing again with gloss. 
All three of the glosses are very comfortable to apply and are not at all sticky. (Sticky lipglosses really put me off as anyone with longhair on a windy day will know!)  These aren’t sticky at all. They are super long lasting and not at all drying. I would say you can get roughly till dinner time without having to reapply.  
Even then, reapplying is super easy as you can just top your gloss up over the top without having to wipe the remaining product off and starting over. 
They remind me of the Lancome juicy tubes that I used to wear all the time especially the lighter pink one. My favourite one out of all three is the lighter pink shade and that has become my staple one for everyday. ( In fact it’s the one I carry around with me all the time!) 
The lighter pink shade!
The darker pink shade and the lip topper would be perfect for an evening out. I will definitely be saving them for later in the year! (Fingers crossed!) 
The darker pink shade
The lip topper! 
I love the fact you can get such good quality glosses at such an affordable price and even though this set is for Valentine’s Day I can’t see why it couldn’t be given to someone as a gift for example for Mother’s Day or just to show someone that you care.
I will leave the link below just in case you fancy taking a look at the website for gift ideas or if you fancy treating yourself or someone you love. 

Click here to buy!

Until next time


*Big thank you to Aaliyah from CandyGlossLdn for kindly gifting me this set to try out.

Not a paid post and all the opinions are very my own!!!


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    1. They really are so pretty! My new favourite lipglosses! Thank you for commenting X