February 28, 2021

Gifted item-/ gift idea

Do you enjoy fine fragrances? Maybe you need some help for a gift idea for Mothers Day, but don’t want (or can’t afford) the luxury price tag. I may have the perfect solution to show you care from Perfumer’s Choice.
Perfumer’s Choice offer a range of high quality, long lasting scents to add sparkle to any beauty loving Mum whatever the age or scent preference. 
 After being sent one of the brands amazing scents I really wanted to share with you my thoughts about the product and the brand. 
So, If you are unfamiliar to the brand I’ll just give you a bit of a back story. 

So who are Perfumer’s Choice? 
Perfumer’s Choice are an award winning brand with a collection of luxury fragrances by Milton-Lloyd that have been made in England since 1975. The brand have a simple philosophy, “luxury perfumes without the luxury price tag” which I couldn’t agree with more!. The products are available from Superdrug which is where you might have seen and heard of the brand (I know that the products are available in my local Superdrug store). But you can also purchase fromMILTON-LLOYD and Amazon amongst other retailers. 

The fragrances have been created by the world’s leading creative perfumer’s, using the finest quality perfume oil with the highest concentrations. The brand deliver outstanding quality at affordable prices that means you can smell amazing without having to spend lots of money. 
There are four fragrances in the collection. Perfumer's Choice No.9 by Victor, Perfumer's Choice No.10 Mojo, Perfumer's Choice No.2 Sofia and Perfumer's Choice No.8 by Valerie
Each fragrance in the collection has been named after the designer perfumer which is really cute in itself and makes the product more personal to the designer. 
So the fragrance that I’ve been kindly gifted is called No.8  Chosen By Valerie. 
Chosen By Valerie is a feminine oriental, floral and woody fragrance and the kind of scents that I usually go for! 
This beautiful, long lasting gourmand fragrance has a fresh citrus, blackcurrant and orange flower top notes on a white floral, black pepper, coffee heart middle notes and a sweet and sensual base notes of cedar, patchoulli and vanilla envelope this warm and tenacious perfume that drys down to be woody, musky and vanilla in the base notes. 

Now I know packaging shouldn’t be important to the overall product and it’s what’s inside that counts but the packaging on this Perfumer’s Choice product doesn’t go wasted on me.
The packaging is very modern looking yet classy and comes in a plastic box rather than cardboard box. It would look great on any dressing table and sturdy to pop into a suitcase for holidays. (If only!) 
The sleek black bottle has beautiful pink writing on and the other scents in the range are packaged the same except with different coloured writing on. For example 
Perfumer's Choice No.2 Sofia has the same packaging except for purple writing instead of the pink. Both are very beautiful bottles and there is nothing I don’t like about the look of this product.

So onto the bottle itself.... The bottle is so easy to use and kind of feels like a body spray, that smells like a perfume (if that makes sense!) with the very fine mist when sprayed. I love this about the bottle as one spray gives you the right amount of product needed and makes this something special and a little bit different. The bottle is a generous 83ml in size. Meaning the bottle itself would probably last you a very long time. 
This fragrance reminds me very much of a more expensive brand. The coffee, patchouli and vanilla are the same notes however this is not a dupe and is a fragrance in its own right. Saying that I’m certain that if you like YSL Black Opium, then this will be just your cup of tea. The fragrance is so long lasting in fact the brand guarantee that it should last a full 6 hours which I agree with. This will be down to the quality perfume oils that are included in the fragrance and makes the fragrance extra special. 
I’m a big fan of finding cheaper drugstore alternatives to more expensive products so the Perfumer’s Choice range is right up my street and overall could save you quite a bit of money. 

All the fragrances are available from Superdrug 
SUPERDRUG where the brand have an amazing 2 for £25 offer on at the moment. This is such a great deal as normally one would retail at £16.00 each. I have included all the links if you fancy having a look at what fragrances are available. 

 Until next time.
Jue X 

*Big thank you to Robert from Perfumers Choice for kindly gifting me this to try out.

Not a paid post and all the opinions are my own!!!

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  1. Ive tried this and it smells just like Black Opium at such a great price