THE BODY COLLECTION ENGLAND - 5 Budget Beauty Makeup Products That You Need In Your Life!

March 01, 2021

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 Don’t you just love discovering new makeup. It’s even better when it’s super affordable and easy to get hold of, like in your home town. That’s how I felt when is discovered Body Collection England. If you remember a few months ago I told you about my over excitement about the Body Collection England’s new stand in my local WILKINSON store. You might remember me being super happy about the new products and the amazing prices. Since my initial excitement I  have been using and loving the products and the brand did kindly gift me some more products to try out that I really want to share with you. 

If you are looking for a new foundation for £4 I may have the very product for you!!!! Affordable face products are definitely getting better. I know when I started wearing makeup (back in the day!) you really had to spend a bit more to get a good base, but times have changed and now you can get a really good bottle of foundation for under £5. The Body Collection England Airbrush finish Skin Tint is one of those foundations that you would think costs more than it actually does. In fact you would get £1 change from £5 as it’s actually £4! The packaging is lovely and an ideal size. I tend to prefer tube foundations rather than bottles and this one is perfect. The formula is like a mousse in texture and is super easy to blend. I pick the shade light and found it to be a darker light  (if that makes sense) when I compared it to other “light” shades that I have tried but I think it would be ideal shade for me for the upcoming summer months. CLICK HERE TO BUY!
So I have lots to conceal. Especially under my eyes. I haven’t been sleeping very well recently! ( I tend to over think about things in the night) This means my dark circles need to be covered up. I have to be careful with my under eye area as sometimes they can get dry and my concealer brings attention to my fine lines. The Body Collection England Concealer for £1.50 is a light formula and covers so well. It doesn’t cake and can be used under your eyes as well as blemishes and spots. (Especially age spots!) 
I received it in two shades light and fair. The light shade is very light compared to the foundation and really suited my under eye skin shade. The product is lightweight and ideal to pop into your handbag for on the go touch ups. CLICK HERE TO BUY
I love a good mascara and I really want to talk to you about one from the brand today. First of all can we appreciate that you can pick up this mascara for £2.50 each. How good is that!! Now I don’t know about you but I think that’s so good for a mascara that’s long lasting and doesn’t smudge. The Body Collection Lengthening Mascara does just what it says on the tube. It really makes lashes look longer without clumping them out. I found like many mascaras I have used in the past the product worked better for me when it had been opened for a few days. But after that it’s perfect. CLICK HERE TO BUY
Another Palette that has a very natural feel is the Natural Beauty palette.
This palette cost £6 (How good is that!!!) It has 15 shades in total. 8 being matte shades and 7 more shimmery shades.
None have names but I love all the shades on the bottom row the best and found all of them very wearable. In fact I think you would easily use all the shades in the palette without wasting any when you hit pan with your favourites.CLICK HERE TO BUY
A couple of years ago liquid illuminator was super popular. I bought them all the time and even though I tried lots of different brands I always found they were a little bit too much for me and I ended up being a little bit too highlighted (if that makes sense) so I stopped using them.
This one is different. It’s not too much. One drop is just the right amount for a tiny bit of a glow and looks so flattering on your face. Don’t worry if you want to look extra glowy as the colour can be built up to bring extra shine to your face. It’s also available in two shades Pink or Bronze. I have the bronze one here but might go back to buy the pink.  CLICK HERE TO BUY
If you are as excited as me to find out about this great little budget beauty brand, all the products are available in your local WILKINSON  store. If you would rather order from the comfort of your own home the link is above containing all the products. 
If you have tried any of the products from the range I would love to know which ones you loved the most.

Until next time

Jue X

*Big thank you to Body Collection England for kindly gifting me some products to try out! 

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  1. I discovered this range after your last post. The brow products are my favourite

    1. Aww mine too Bea! I always pop something into my basket with my usual Wilko shop! Thank you so much for commenting:) X