March 08, 2021

Gifted for review! 
Over the last couple of years or so false eyelashes have become more popular than ever before and yes I’m the first to admit I do have eyelash envy.
You could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve ever used false lashes. I’ve always found them hard to apply and if I’m honest a bit of an extra chore. I have always gone for the cheaper brands which looking back I think that has been the problem. The lashes have been heavy and I have always been able to feel them on my lids and that’s when I had actually got them on my lids and not got in a mess with the lash glue going everywhere.
So what’s changed? 
Wing it cosmetics is a strong female lead company that produce game changing products. The founder Rajdeep is a self proclaimed ‘wing it woman’. With the ability to inspire others to feel their best selves, back themselves and wing it to success by making products that are designed to be good for your face, eyes and lashes. This means that you don’t have to choose between looking good today and not so good tomorrow!
The brand kindly gifted me one of the their BOARDROOM luxury silk system eyelash set. The set contains everything you need for simple eyelash application. 
The Boardroom lashes are suitable for day and night. With incredible layered definition and volume. The lashes are a natural lash style with added oomph. It’s an amazing set if you’re new to lash application or find applying lashes really difficult. 
So onto what’s in the set. The beautiful packaged set includes the Stick With Me adhesive liner, luxury applicator and a pair of the lashes.
The set is packed really well and is as beautiful on the outside as the in. The set includes instructions on how to apply the lashes to their full potential. This is a great little added extra for people like myself who have never applied lashes with the adhesive black eyeliner before. 
The WING IT COSMETICS STICK WITH ME ADHESIVE BLACK EYELINER is a real game changer in the way we apply our lashes. It’s as easy to use as a felt tip pen or eyeliner with no mess, no glue or magnets. 

The adhesive is like no other that I’ve ever tried and is very much like a black liquid eyeliner ( yes it’s black in colour!!) In fact it could be used as an eyeliner pen in its own right and it’s really hard to believe it’s adhesive properties and definitely my new favourite for false lashes. This makes the lashes look natural and I wasn’t scared that my eyes would look over glued. They just looked like a normal black eyeliner after I had applied it. One thing I found is you so need a steady hand when applying the eyelashes. The adhesive is already there so you just need to use the applicator tool to apply the lashes. 

The WING TIME applicator tool is super easy to use and a real addition to receive the tool in the set.
Please bear in mind I’m a false lash newbie. If you are a newbie like me, I found being seated at a dressing table the best option here as I had somewhere to rest my elbows.  It honestly took about 30 seconds and if I can do it, anyone can 
With the adhesive being water proof you can go about your day normally and not have to worry about removing at the end of the day/night or about them falling off throughout the day! ( yes that has happened to me before now!) The lashes are super lightweight as well and you do kind of forget you are wearing them. That’s always a good sign when it comes to false lashes. 
Something I was really surprised about was the fact that these Wing it Lashes can be re used. I removed them easily with my usual makeup remover on a cotton pad and just removed the excess product from the lashes. 
At the end of the day I can honestly see how people can wear them everyday and not just for special occasions. Wing it lashes are the most comfortable and I would definitely use them again making them better value than cheaper ones I have tried in the past.
Best of all, all the products are vegan and cruelty free, as well as being non toxic and paraben free. so what’s not to love.
Until next time 

*Big thank you to Rajdeep from Wing it Cosmetics for kindly gifting me these amazing fragrances to try out.
*Gifted post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely lashes babe :)

    1. Aww they are one of the best pairs that I’ve ever tried!!! I love them so much!! Thank you so much for commenting xx