April 04, 2021

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Hey you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. It’s been ages since I did a“what’s in my handbag” blog post and as I recently had a new bag, I thought I would do an updated version. I love reading about what people carry around with them because I’m nosy. 
Yes I know I buy too many bags and I wanted to share with you my latest from River Island.
River Island is a great place for bags. Years ago I used to always carry a River Island bag around but then I discovered Primark and the rest is history.
 I have been wanting a Prada bag for ages and would love to tell you I went and bought one. Sadly not, as I don’t have that kind of money spare and if I did I would probably spend it on something else and still buy something cheaper anyway!!! So what do the best people do when they can’t afford designer... they look for a dupe and yes I’ve found one from River Island. The bag was £34 but I managed to get a discount so turned out a little cheaper.
Picture taken from the website!
I do like a small bag as I don’t tend to carry a lot around with me. Saying that I need my bits and bobs so I’m going to share with you just what I carry around with me on a day to day basis. If you have followed me for a while you may remember I’ve done a few of these posts before. 
Most things I carry out the same I’ve just had to replace them for example my lip balm (sometimes I wear lipgloss if I’m feeling fancy!) and powder. I don’t tend to wear lipsticks any more because of the mask situation. I also carry around hand sanitizer now. I love the spray one from So? It smells amazing and does the job. I also carry around a mask now. These are usually the paper ones. 
I also carry around my airpods which I didn’t have before. I managed to save up some money from my EBay sales after borrowing a pair and found out my home bargains earphones weren’t as good as I first thought they were. Music is important to me and love nothing better than popping my airpods in after a day at work to listen to my tunes. I haven’t the best taste in music but my playlist is available on Spotify if anyone wants to follow me over there! The little airpod case is from Skinny Dip and was £12. It was a little expensive and probably not worth the money but as a one off to keep them safe I didn’t mind. 
I have switched from a purse to a card holder. I tend to not carry any money around with me so don’t really need one. The one I’m using is from River Island and costs £10. (Again I got a discount!) 
I always carry around my perfume and makeup and the scent I am using at the moment is from Eden. Eden kindly gifted me over some scents to try out a while ago and they are so long lasting. My Candygloss lipgloss is another of my favourites. It’s like a Lancome juicy tube from back in the day. The black eyeliner is from Primark. I haven’t been to Primark for months so I definitely need to buy a new black eyeliner at some point. 
I do have an eyebrow gel in my bag. I don’t really use it but it’s from ELF. It’s my favourite and if I didn’t carry it with me I would definitely need it. 
I also carry a nail file, pen, keys and phone around with me but that goes without saying. 
The bag also come with a little purse on the strap I don’t really need that but it might come in handy for cards, keys etc if you need them close by.
I will leave a link to the actual bag and card holder if you fancy picking one up for yourself. River Island do an excellent online ordering service with free returns. 

Until next time

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