March 31, 2021

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 How many of us forget to change our toothbrush heads? I know I’m guilty of this and when you think about it, it all sounds a bit grim. But 80% of us fail to change. With me I just forget with one month rolling into another. It’s so easy to forget about. Statistics show that Brits are the worst offenders with some people changing their toothbrush heads just once a year! (I told you it was grim!) Dentist recommend that we need to change our electric toothbrush heads every three months to prevent plaque build up and sore gums. So now thanks to Oral B there has never been an easier way of checking if our toothbrush heads need changing thanks to their new CleanMaximiser technology.
So what is the CleanMaximiser technology and why is it helpful? 
The Oral B brush heads now come with unique indicator bristles. These bristles turn from vibrant green to pale yellow when you are due for a change. This is the perfect way to let us know that your toothbrush head need changing. This shows the bristles have worn out and we might not be getting the protection that we need. 
It’s like a little silent reminder to check your toothbrush. It’s also worth considering switching up your toothbrush as we use these brushes in our mouths twice a day. So it’s definitely important. 
A new toothbrush head! 
If you have an Oral B toothbrush it’s definitely worth checking out the head when you next brush your teeth. Be honest...does it look a bit ropey? If the answer is yes... pick yourself a pack of brushes up when you next go shopping. I always go for the four pack for better value but a two pack is available as well. If you don’t have an Oral B electric toothbrush they are really worth an investment. They start at around £20 and definitely give your teeth a better clean than a manual toothbrush. 
Changing your toothbrush head certainly makes your teeth feel a lot better. I don’t think you notice just how bad your old one gets until you use a new one. Definitely worth the switch for a whole mouth clean! 


As well as the toothbrush heads I was kindly gifted the Oral B Calm toothpaste.
I have done a post earlier in the year about this product as it really helped with with my sweet tooth sensitivity so will leave the link below. 


 Until next time
Jue X

*Kindly gifted as part of a project by supersavvyme 

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  1. I can’t remember when I last changed my toothbrush. Feeling guilty. Off to the shops now to get a new pack. <3

    1. Aww don’t worry!! It’s so easy to forget these things! At least Oral B have given us a little reminder! Thank you so much for commenting X