June 20, 2021

Recently Shampoo bars have become a big deal. I’ve always loved the sound of this concept as not only do they sound amazing they are so eco friendly and money saving as well. With more choice available at different price points I really wanted to share with you the Shampoo bars that are available and super affordable from Little Soap Company and their ECO WARRIOR range. 

 First of all let me tell you a bit about the Eco warrior brand just in case it’s your first time here. 
The Little Soap Company was founded in 2008 by Emma Heathcote-James and bought to us the first organic soap bar available from the supermarket. These affordable soap bars that were once seen as a niche market have now become mainstream and with more and more of us wanting to ditch the plastic it’s great that we now can without it costing us the earth.
If you can remember in the Summer of last year I reviewed the brands Soap Dish as the founder, Emma encountered a problem. She could only find plastic soap dishes. With this in mind she created her own plastic free soap dish especially made for on the go with no damage to the environment. I also reviewed the cleansing bar which I was obsessed with at the time. I will leave a link to both of these posts the bottom of this post just in case you missed them.
Now the brand have released their new shampoo bars. One for dry hair, one for a sensitive scalp and of course the original.
*Picture taken from the Little Soap Company website.

 With a choice for dry hair of Argan oil and coconut oil which also includes Marshmallow Extract to help promote healthy shine (this is the one that I have been sent!) 
*Picture taken from The Little Soap Company Website! 

There is also one available for a Sensitive scalp of White Clay and Clary Sage Oil and Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils and the original shampoo bars of orange and ginger essential oils and detoxifying pink clay. Whatever your hair type the range has a shampoo bar for you. 
*Picture taken from the Little Soap Company Website

The benefits of these bars are amazing firstly you are getting real value for money. At £4.50 for a 100g bar thats going to last your for ages it’s cheaper in the long run. As well as saving plastic on your normal shampoo bottle, changing from a liquid to a bar has never been easier. The Eco Warrior Shampoo bars are kind to the environment with no harsh SLS, no sulphates, no detergents, no silicones, no synthetics or alcohol. The product also uses no plastics, they are vegan, sustainable and biodegradable. The product is also made from 94.3% Naturally Derived Ingredients and is curly girl friendly. 
The bar comes neatly wrapped in a beautifully designed recyclable box and can be kept in the Eco warrior  soap dish that is available to buy separately. CLICK HERE
I was kindly gifted the Argan Oil and Coconut Oil bar that helps to deeply moisturise and enrich. 
So now to use wash my hair. 
The bar is pretty much to be used like you would the soap. 
All you have to do is wet the shampoo bar in water, lather in the hands, and then apply the shampoo lather to your hair or rub the bar directly onto the scalp and throughout your hair. 
This creates a lovely foaming lather while massaging the scalp and working the shampoo all throughout the hair. Then you rinse thoroughly like you would do with a normal regular shampoo. The Shampoo smells really good with a very subtle hint of coconut. In fact they are a pleasure to use. 
It made my hair feel really soft and even my dry ends that can look a bit straggly looked nice. 

I think these bars would be great for travel. (if you are actually going anywhere this year!!) They would be perfect for hand luggage as they are not bottles of liquid.
Even though I haven’t been using these for a long time, I’m really impressed and definitely would like to try out the different scents that are available in the future.
If you like to try out these ground breaking shampoo bars I will leave you the link below to this one.CLICK HERE TO BUY

Until next time
Jue X 

*Gifted item 
*Big thank you to NBPR and the Eco Warrior for kindly gifting me this product to review
* Post contains no afflicted links and I have not been paid for this post. 
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