July 11, 2021

 You guys know how much I love my lashes. Now I’m not going to lie I find it quite time consuming when it comes to applying them. I would perhaps wear them more often if I had a steadier hand and more time. So when Beewitched beauty got in touch telling me about their ground breaking products I was super excited to find out more.  
So who are BeeWitched Beauty? 
BeeWitched Beauty was built to enhance beauty and confidence in all their customers. They are dedicated in providing the most ground-breaking and sustainable products that normal people like myself can actually use and love. At BeeWitched Beauty they know about the troubles that we  have to go though finding the perfect lash. What with lash glue being a nightmare (it really is!!) black smudges and wonky lashes. (Please tell me it’s not just me here!) 
BeeWitched Beauty is all about easier application and the brands lashes can be put on in seconds (yes really!) yet are 100% waterproof and smudge-proof and last the full day!! 
So today I’ve got not just one but two types of lashes to choose from. We have the traditional strip lashes which I’m very familiar with and the exciting new magnetic lashes which I have never tried before! If you are a regular reader to my blog you will know I’m no expert with lashes, just a normal person, so I thought it would be good to give you my opinions of both. 
So the first lashes I want to talk to you today about is the MIRA STRIP LASHES at just £10.99. 
Firstly I love the packaging. I know it’s the product inside that counts but I do appreciate pretty packaging and the cute little packaging design.
So after me being obsessed with the packaging it’s onto the lashes.
 These are the perfect lash to add to you daily routine. The natural looking lashes are made from high quality synthetic silk fibres that offer the same curl as a mink. 
The lashes can be cut to the correct shape and are to be used with the Beewitched Effortless Eyeliner.(This is available separately!) 
The Effortless 2 in 1 Liner is ideal for maximum hold and acts and looks like a black eyeliner pen. This black adhesive is perfect for fool proof lashes and looks amazing. You honestly would never know it holds your lashes in place. If you don’t like the sound of using a black adhesive a clear one (in a white tube)is also available. This comes in the same format as the black one except it dries clear making it super easy to apply. I love both these pens for applying lashes as they are super easy to use. I applied it over my eyelids first as I would do with an eyeliner and then applied the lashes to the glue. I’m used to applying eyeliner and this just feels the same.
These lashes can be used up to 40 plus times. That I would agree with as I have used mine a few times and they still look brand new. 
These lashes also come in a special cardboard case. This keeps them in tip top condition. The lashes are comfortable to wear and very lightweight that you do forget you are wearing them. That’s the type of lash that I love and I would definitely repurchase in a heart beat. 
So I’m not going to lie, before beewitched I have never used magnetic lashes. (I know I’m really late to the party with this one!) I had always been ok with glue and hadn’t really thought about using an alternative.
If you are thinking about trying or you already know the joys of Magnetic lashes the BeeWitched Beauty’s Glamorous Magnetic Lash Kit contains everything you need. This kit will really help you get started to achieve the most amazing easiest lash you will ever use. Firstly the packaging for the kit is beautiful. It’s comes neatly in a blue box that keeps everything together. As well as this is has a cute little bee on the front. 
The kit retails at £32.00 and contains 1 pair of magnetic lashes in your choice. (There are 8 different styles to choose from including the brands 5D lash range).
The lashes I received were the Luna lashes. These are Wispy lashes which the brand say have just a hint of drama and they're made for date night and are suitable to be worn everyday. They are made from high quality synthetic silk fibres that offer the same curl as a mink. 

You also receive the
 Beewitched Snap-On Magnetic eyeliner. These lashes can only be used with this magnetic eyeliner. This come in the shade of black and is pretty much like a black eyeliner and even looks like one. It’s super easy to use and makes applying your lashes a dream. 
In seconds you can apply your lashes like you would do a normal liner. The lashes contain 10 magnetics for maximum hold and can be trimmed to any length to suit your eye shape. 
The lashes are comfortable to wear and I thought the eyeliner really held them well. Not only do you receive the lashes and the glue the brand haven’t forgotten that you need to remove the lashes at the end of the day. 
With the brands cleansing oil. The cleansing oil is perfect at removing the lashes. The lashes are 100% waterproof and smudge proof making this oil the perfect lash removal product. The oil is super gentle and really cleans the lashes. I love this oil so much and made removing the lashes super easy.  
The lashes again can be reused for up to 40 times and come in a special box for safe keeping. I think this is such a good idea because if you’re anything like me I’m always losing lashes.
If you are thinking of trying magnetic lashes. This is the perfect kit that includes everything you are going to need.
I will leave you the link to the website CLICK HERE TO BUY just in case you fancy looking at either pair of lashes. 

I love how both the strip lashes and the magnetic lashes use eyeliner type adhesive as this makes applying super easy with no sticky mess or fuss. 
Which ever lashes you decide to buy you know Beewitched beauty have got all your lash needs covered and are definitely up there with one of the best lash brands that I’ve ever tried. 
Just before I go I’ve got an amazing discount code to share with you guys. If you tap in OFF10 at checkout when you purchase you can get 10% off all orders. This is not an afflicted code I just love saving you guys money. It’s also free shipping on orders over £30! 
Until next time 
Jue X 
*Big thank you to Bewitched Beauty for kindly gifting me these lashes to try out for review. 

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  1. Wow these lashes look amazing. B x

    1. They really are so good! Thank you so much for commenting X