August 04, 2021

AD/ If you’re looking for a clean and sustainable prestige mascara to give you longer, fuller-looking lashes, look no further.
As more and more of us are actually thinking about the excess waste that we produce it was only a matter of time before someone thought of this amazing idea that is the first of its kind. 
So what is IZZY
IZZY is a refillable mascara. In fact Izzy is the world’s first zero waste, certified CarbonNeutral® mascara that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. The medical-grade, American-made stainless steel tubes are designed to be cleaned and refilled over 10,000 times, so you never have to throw away another mascara for the rest of your life. Even down to the packaging the mascaras are sent out in. The company even use reusable mailers meaning the shipping process contains zero waste also. In fact the only plastic that the mascara contains are the plastic wipers and brushes. These are reground and recycled when you return your empty product. This results in a mascara that uses 94% less plastic than other brands.
The company was founded by Shannon Goldberg who has to this day over 15 years Beauty experience marketing, innovation and product development. The goal was to provide her daughter with truly sustainable beauty options. As a Mum myself I completely understand these ethics for our future generations.  
So what’s the mascara like to use? 
Firstly the packaging…. I love the sleek stainless steel packaging. The packing is waste free and can be refilled again and again depending on the package refill options. (More on that later!)  
The product is quite weighty which I think adds to the quality of the product and I love this about the mascara. 
Even though I completely love the Eco friendly values of the brand the formula inside does also have to be good as well and I can tell you that it is. The curved wand is perfect to add curl and length and makes your lashes look and feel amazing. I have quite short lashes which are a little longer at the moment thanks to a lash serum that I’ve been using but the IZZY Zero Waste Mascara really makes them stand out. It does take a little longer to dry out than normal but that really wasn’t an issue for me. The mascara provides lengthening, volume, curling with lift and separation. I used about three coats. (This is normal for me). 
It probably goes without saying that this brand is completely Cruelty free and vegan friendly but it’s worth a mention just in case. 
So what are the purchase options? 
The purchase options are also pretty impressive as well. 
You can either choose a one off purchase. This could be ideal for those of you who just want to try out the mascara before you become a member. 
If you become a Zero Waste member you'll receive a sterilized and refilled mascara every three months with a prepaid reusable return mailer for your empty Izzy. 
An Eco Hero membership which includes a one off initial payment and then a smaller refill payment every 3 months 
or a yearly refill payment which is the Eco Icon membership. The choice is completely yours. 
I will leave you the link so you can check out the website and plans for yourself. 

It’s also worth signing up to the mailing list with your email to get 10% off your first order of you were thinking of purchasing. 
Until next time
 Jue X 

* Gifted item and I have not been paid for this post. 
* Big thank you to Shannon and Jonathan for kindly gifting me this to review. 

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  1. Wow what a great idea. All makeup products such have refills