NYK1 LASH FORCE EYELASH GROWTH SERUM (with before and after shots!)

August 01, 2021

This post is so long overdue. So apologies for the wait as I’ve been promising you this review for weeks. How many of us can say they are truly happy with the length of their lashes. I haven’t been blessed with beautiful, long, lashes but I always thought a bit of mascara or some false lashes would render this. After trying a few tips and tricks in the past, none of them worked! (The Aloe Vera Vaseline was a low point and I’m sure the ex work colleague who told me to try this tip actually hated me!) I had given up trying to improve things that I didn’t think could naturally be improved. Well it doesn’t have to be this way and thanks to NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum you can ditch the Aloe Vera. 
If you have followed me for a while you will know I love to hear about a brands back story. Andrea Asquith is the Founder & Director of NYK1 Secrets and the company was created to bring to us the Hair and Beauty secrets that are locked up in today’s Beauty industry. Andrea has had over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and produces the highest quality Salon products at affordable prices that are available straight to our front doors. 
So I’m not going to lie after the Aloe Vera Vaseline I was a little sceptical about putting anything on my lashes. But at the same time I had seen all the good results from the website. This and the fact the product has won a Natural Health International Beauty Award for 2020 made me a little bit over excited to give the product a go. 
I've been using the serum for a couple of months now, twice daily as well as on my brows. This isn’t some crazy thing that I’ve made up, it is safe to use on brows as well and mine are sparse thanks to some over plucking years ago. I did however have a break in the cycle (which you are not meant to do!)  I will go into why later on in the post! 
The packaging on the NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum is quite luxurious. The serum comes in a silver tube with the actual product inside. The products has a tiny brush applicator which reminds me of a liquid eyeliner. In fact you use it in the same way as you would an eyeliner. You need to apply a drop of the serum to the roots of your lashes, just as you would with eyeliner, twice daily. You apply it to the root making sure you actually get a bead of product on the brush. 
The magic starts to happen when you rub it gently in.
The same with the eyebrows. It’s important that you don’t miss a day as this could break the lash growth cycle and would make all your hard work go to waste. 
The serum is clear in colour, doesn't have any particular scent, it's dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested and safe to use on the eyes even for the most sensitive of skins and contact lenses users. (Even though these should be removed before use). It can be worn under makeup as well (it dries so quickly) so you can include it into your normal everyday routine. 
So how does this magic work? 
Lash Force is an innovative lash growth serum that combines natural and purified ingredients that stimulate, regenerate, rebuild and activate growth in both length and thickness to protect the structure of each lash follicle. The ingredients are safe and to use, instead of conditioning the lashes, the NYK1 Lash Force Serum stimulates hair follicles to become stronger by increasing the blood flow whilst cleaning and clearing the follicles of blockages. This makes more nutrients and oxygen and well as proteins get to the roots for better growth results.
As well as the this the Vitamins B7 and B2 make the lashes stronger and prevent their damage, allowing them to reach peak length before falling out and replacing themselves as in normal growth cycle. This makes the lashes naturally longer. 
I will also include a list of Ingredients that are in the product. Aqua, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Swertia Japonica Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Biotin, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Benzalkonium Chloride
So I know this is the bit you have all been waiting for does it work? 
So I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. Probably longer than the recommended time as I broke the cycle. I had been using the product for a couple of weeks and could definitely see an improvement but I had to unfortunately go into hospital. This meant I broke the cycle for a week or so. As soon as I could I started up again. This means my before and after results might be not as accurate as they could have been.
Saying that I’m still happy and think you can really tell a difference especially in the brow area and for the first time in forever I actually had to pluck them.
My lashes also look longer and I have had a few compliments. Someone even commented in the hospital what long lashes I had and that was without makeup when I looked really rough. At this time I had only been using the product for two weeks so it definitely worked for me. 
Another thing that I noticed is my lashes seemed thicker as well not just longer. This made my lashes look darker.
Please excuse my before photo. I was poorly at the time and only realised how pale I actually was when looking back at this photo.
After two weeks
After 8 weeks (including a two week break!) 
I do think it shows a good indication of how much thicker my lashes and brows have got even though I did have a little break of using the product as well. 

I would definitely purchase this product for myself as I have really got used to actually having eyelashes. I have been using the product for quite a while now and there is still plenty left in the tube so if you are thinking of purchasing the tube is going to last you a while. 

If you fancy trying out this product for yourself I will leave a link below.  CLICK HERE
You can also get an amazing 10% off your order with the code Jue10 (affiliate code) 

Until next time 
Jue X 
*Big thank you to NYK1 Secrets and Alice from Babushka PR for kindly gifting me this product to try out for review. 

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