September 25, 2021

PR Gifted
I’m all for beauty treatments and self care in the comfort of your own home. Not only did it really help though lock down it also helps if you don’t have time (or money) for costly appointments. If you are like me and love at home beauty gadgets this might be just the post for you. 
So today I want to talk to you about Microdermabrasion. If you are unfamiliar with the Microdermabrasion procedure it’s an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves your skin looking softer and brighter almost instantly. These treatments can be very costly in specialist salons and if you have regular appointments it can really make a dent in your bank account. This is why the idea of the PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM product really appeals to me. 

The Personal Microderm Classic is the original (and revolutionary) at home device providing the same brilliant results as professional, in the salon microdermabrasion treatments. It combines Patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to leave skin looking fresh and radiant. 
Using this machine, the weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and enlarged pores. All of these things that I have been known to have (please tell me I’m not the only o e here!) so I was pretty keen to try it out. 
The PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM Classic is the one speed version the Microderm product. It’s the classic version that contains face and body caps. You get a choice of 7 colours to choose from. I received the pink one which if I’m honest is the shade I probably would have gone for. 
So what’s in the box? 
As well as the classic personal microderm and instructions (even though it is more useful to watch the video!) 
You get a selection of six small discs and two caps. There are different discs ranging from ultra sensitive to very intense depending on your skin sensitivity and desired results.

Not all the discs available are included in the pack but as a first time user it’s probably advisable to use the white training disc and work your way up to the green middle intensity disc. The brand also recommend to practice on your arm or leg before using on your face. The discs need to be replaced every 3-4 uses and extra discs can be purchased from the brand. The discs are made of aluminium oxide crystals which are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, non airborne and customisable. The discs are easy to change and the kit contains the same strength discs for the face and the body. The two caps in the kit are a smaller one for your face and a larger one for your body. Like the discs they are easy to switch over. 
How it works!!
PMD breaks down the experience into three steps: exfoliation, vacuum suction, and absorption. The discs have a sandpaper feel (and become rougher as you increase in intensity levels) and spin to buff away dead skin cells. (I know this sounds painful but it’s really not!) PMD says this process stimulates new skin growth and reveals more youthful glowing still. (Which is kind of what we all want!) While it exfoliates, by removing the dead, dull skin barrier the device suctions onto your skin. This vacuum suction, PMD says, helps increase cell turnover This doesn’t feel uncomfortable and makes you feel like the device is actually working. Its quite satisfying to see the exfoliated skin collection in the little lid which can be easily cleaned after usage. After using the product for approximately 3 minutes on your skin, your skin is in tip top condition to absorb products. I used my normal skincare products straightaway afterwards and the did seem to soak into my skin more quickly. 
PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM can be used once every 6-7 days. This gives your skin a full week to rejuvenate before the tool is used again. Because the top layer of skin has been removed, this time between treatments is to recover and regrow new skin cells. PMD recommend using the product once every week and you should be able to see visible results in 8-12 weeks. The stats are pretty good on this machine as well if you are a little bit sceptical. 100% of people saw smoother skin, 96% noticed increased skincare benefits and 90% of people noticed that their skin looked healthier. These results were observed in a consumer panel survey. The product has also won the Beauty Choice, New Beauty Product Award and has plenty of 5 star reviews on line. (So all impressive stuff!)
So how did I go on? 
So I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I’m obsessed. First of all it’s super easy to use. It fits into your hand perfectly and once you get the knack of using it, it’s super easy! I used my normal cleanser to wash and dry my skin first and applied my usual toner and moisturiser afterwards. Once you have your machine you don’t need to change up your beauty products. I now look forward to my little weekly facial treatments. Its really useful to watch the “how to” video so you know what your doing. 
(I will leave a link to this video below!) 


I’ve been using it mostly on my face but did have a little try on my body but it’s mostly my face that I’m keen to see the results. 
It’s not at all painful and only takes only 3 minutes up of your day. The first time I used the product I could really tell the difference and now I’m only on to my third week and I’m already excited by the results. My skin is a lot softer and I am finding that my creams and serums soak into my skin so much better. The area does go a little red after usage but this is normal and I find if you use the machine at night your skin feels amazing in the morning with no redness at all. 
I am definitely going to carry on using the device as I can already see the difference a few uses has made my skin feel. Initially I can really tell it’s worked really well on my pores around my nose area and my pigmentation seems to have faded slightly. I’m super keen to see over time if my fine lines get reduced. I will definitely keep you posted. 

If you fancy trying out the PMD Personal Microderm for yourself I will leave you the link below. CLICK HERE TO BUY!  

Until next time 
*gifted item, all opinions are my own.
*Big thank you to PMD for kindly gifting me this to try out. 

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