October 03, 2021

PR GIFTED (as part of the Nivea Family)

Nivea has always had a special place in my heart. I think every bathroom cupboard throughout my childhood (family and friends houses) had a staple blue jar of Nivea in. It’s such an iconic, nostalgic scent and reminds me of happy times as a child. Nivea as a brand have been running for over 100 years with the very first Nivea tin produced in 1911 and since then the brand have come a very long way. The Nivea brand is one I completely trust so with that in mind, I thought I would review some of the products for you that I have been kindly gifted by the brand in a little post and tell you if I think they are worth buying or not.
If you are suffering from post summer blues inject a bit of Vitamin C into your skincare as part of your autumn must have routine! 
So what are the benefits of Vitamin C? 
Well it can help smooth fine lines, dark and age spots for a more toned complexion.
It can promote collagen production for youthful skin.
It also protects skin from environmental aggressors such as weather and pollution and helps you glow like a dose of free air to your face, reduces pigmentation and smooths the skins surface. 
So how can we get Vitamin C into our skincare? 
Well the lovely people at Nivea have just the skincare for us. 
Based around Vitamin C the Q10 Energy range contains 4 face products which include Vitamin C and other great skin benefit ingredients.
These come in the form of 3 steps:
Step 1 is the Glow Boosting Ampoles ( Which I am yet to try but they sound amazing!) 
Step 2 is the Fresh Look Eyecream along side the Healthy Glow Day Cream.
Step 3 is the Recharging Night Cream.

Healthy Glow day cream is a light cream that is easy absorbed into the skin making perfect to wear alone or under your usual makeup. It contains skin identical Q10 and even has an SPF of 15 added into the mix. I always love it when a brand have an SPF and think this should be an ingredient in all day skincare. 
The cream also helps the signs of tiredness and fatigue for dull skin that can happen at this time of year. The cream also helps to reduce fine lines within two weeks. So hand in hand with this day cream, it’s the Q10 Energy recharging night cream. This product is a multi zone product that can be used in the evening. The cream is a lot thicker than the day cream  even though it contains the same Vitamins and 100% Skin Identical Q10. 
This luxurious cream promises you healthy looking skin in just 8 hours. I do agree with this as when I’ve used this product my skin felt super soft and brighter in such a short time. It also targets major signs of stress such as lines, dullness and lifelessness. It offers a moisture lock and strengthens the skin barrier and younger and firmer skin in just 2 weeks.
If like me you need a little something extra in the eye department then the Nivea Q10 Fresh Look eye cream. I have been using this Eye Cream for a few months now and completely love it. . This amazing awaking eye cream contains Vitamin C and E and is to be used every morning and evening. It supports your skins own ability to improve its energy by protecting against skin damaging free radicals. So what does it do? It alleviates the signs of fatigue and dullness, the eye contour and reduces crows feet. It also provides intensive moisture and fresh looking skin.
The cream doesn’t sting your eyes either. This is something I do suffer with from eye creams and is even suitable to use if you’re a contact lens wearer as well. It’s very lightweight and soaks in under your eyes very easily.
The product is perfect to use after a late night to awaken your eyes and is definitely one of my favourites. 
If you feel in the need of a bit of autumn pampering head over to the @nivea website to get 20% off the whole site using the code AUTUMN20. This is not an affiliate code I just like saving you all some money. 

Until next time 
Jue X 
*Big thank you to Nivea for kindly gifting me these amazing skincare products to try out. 

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