SO...? Layer Like A Player Bundle Set

January 26, 2022

PR Gifted

Have you ever dreamed about having your own unique fragrance? I know if I had my way my scent would include Vanilla of some sort but with So...? Unique your can feel like a perfume designer in your very own home.

So…? Unique is a brand new way to see fragrances. The new range of body mist fragrances, developed for the trendy and modern person who is seeking customisation and personalisation so they have have their very own unique scent. 

Each fragrance in the range uses simplistic notes that can be worn on their own, or layered up to create a mixture of beautiful fragrance blends.
So…? developed the hashtag #LayerLikeAPlayer. because this is what the whole Unique range is about.
The Layer like a player bundle set for £15 (including the masterclass) provides you with the correct tools so you to personalise your very own scent. 
The set includes 9 different smaller size fragrances. (Each of these are available to purchase as a full size 150ml bottle once you’ve picked your favourite combination!) 
A tote bag, (Which I am obsessed with!) 
A very cute pink Note book, 
Tester strips,
And hand gel. (Always useful!) 
This is amazing value all for £15!! 
Each scent has been cleverly made so the individual can uncover the fun, freedom and originality of wearing each scent on their own, or blending multiple scents together for your own unique fragrance. 
If you are new to fragrance laying, So…? recommend that you try mixing just two So..? Unique body mist fragrances together. This gives you a good idea of what the scents smell like. 
If you buy this bundle set, you can get some amazing blending ideas already on the back of the box. This makes it easier for you to layer two scents within a fragrance family to enhance those notes that you love. For example, if you're a lover of florals, you could try
mixing two different florals together. Or, for those who love to smell good enough to eat, try mixing a gourmand with another gourmand scent.
After that and as you get more adventurous, you can try mixing fragrance families. I really enjoy florals with fruits and that can often be a winning combination or gourmands with spices which smell absolutely amazing. 
So…? what are the scents that are available to layer. 
All these scents are available to purchase in the sets or as stand alone bottles (I will leave you the links below!) 
This is such a good idea as once you have tried them all from the set you can go on to buy the stand alone larger bottles of your favourites.
This is what So…? have to say about each fragrance……
- Smell as sweet as you are with So...? Unlque Vanilla Candy Body Mist
The playful sugary notes of marshmallow and sweet vanilla, followed by a refreshing melange of peach and
pineapple will leave you mouth wateringly delicious.
-Charm yourself with So..? Unique Sweet Pea Body Mist
The sweet and romantic scent is your perfect go-to for a date night. Fall for this scent first with the floral notes of violet leaves and water jasmine that marries itself with a sweet vanilla layer
-Renew yourself with the So...? Unique White Floral Body Mist Unwind with the distinctive scent of bouquet of jasmine and tuberose notes, before releasing yourself to the scent of sandalwood and musk to add to your tranquillity.
-Wrap yourself in the freshness of So...? Unique Peony Blush Body Mist
The fruity notes of bergamot, raspberry, and strawberry, leaves you with a delicate aroma, before revealing a floral scent of peony. Patchouli, vanilla, and white musk completes this floral bouquet.
-Satisfy your sweet craving with So..? Unique Truffle Cream Body Mist Let yourself be transported to high tea with the decadent smell of truffle cream, elegantly blended with creamy coconut and vanilla for that effortless everyday indulgence.

-Nothing sweeter than So..? Unique Sugar Plum Body Mist
This tasty fragrance opens with plum and berries and continues with freesia, jasmine and rose. The sugary scent is completed with caramel and vanilla for a perfect delicious combination
-Cozy up with So….? Unique Cashmere Body Mist
Embrace the big hug of bergamot and mandarin mixed with juicy pink pear and the floral heart of tiare flower and jasmine. Allow yourself to be wrapped up in the comforting, luxurious base of cashmere, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

-Boost your mood with So..? Unique Berry Bliss Body Mist
The scent features a mixture of fruity red berry notes that will have you ready to burst. Before diving into the sweet violet and vanilla scents to complement the depth of flavour.

-Fall head over heels with So....? Unique Velvet Crush Body Mist
Feel the butterflies with an unbeatable blend of berry macarons and coconut water. The addition of red magnolia petals and vanilla will deepen your crush.

-Embrace the love with SO..? Unique Romantic Bloom Body Mist
Let your heart soar and embrace the feeling of love from the seductive blend of rosebuds and fruity red berries for that everlasting romance.
-Cuddle up with SO...? Unique Sweet Amber Body
Cuddle up with this aromatic and inviting scent of sweet caramel and vanilla note that will leave you with a layer of orange blossom and cedar wood, just like being next to a fire. The ideal scent for a sweet final note.
-Get zesty with SO..? Unique Fresh Zest Body Mist
When life gives you lemons, opt for the vibrant scent of citrus, lemon, and apple, perfectly complimented with the uplifting bamboo notes, leaving you with a refreshing zingy fragrance.

-Capture the sea with SO...? Unique Marine Body Mist
Indulges your senses with the gentle breeze of the sea, before enveloping your skin with a fresh burst of tiare flower and floral solar.

So after spending probably more time than I should have with the SO...? Layer Like A Player Bundle Set, 
(The little tester cards were going everywhere) creating to make my own unique fragrance, I do have a favourite. (Or rather a few favourites!!) 
I really enjoy truffle crème and Vanilla Candy which is very sweet and could be too much for some people but not for me as I love it. 
I also enjoy Fresh Zest which is perfect for summer on its own but when mixed with Vanilla Candy definitely brings out a warmer feel to the scent. 
Saying all this I do love Vanilla Candy just as a stand alone fragrance. I have actually bought this as a body mist myself before now (a while ago!) so I knew that it was a favourite before anyway.  

Cashmere and Fresh Zest also really works with the warmth coming though and for something a little bit different Sweet Pea and Romantic Bloom mixed together make the most amazing floral mash up which might not be for everyone but most definitely is for me. 
What I love about this is there are no set rules you can literally spray anything with anything. It’s all down to personal choice.
I will also leave a link for you to buy all the fragrances so you can maybe have your very own So…? fragrance masterclass. Honestly I could have spent the whole day playing with these fragrances. The masterclass costs £15 which when you think what you get makes it a great deal.


You can also buy the stand alone fragrances. 
With each of these 150ml So…? Unique Body Mist containing over 1600 sprays, representing 160 days’ supply based on 10 sprays a day. The Scent should last for an estimated 6 hours after spraying. You are definitely getting value for money with each bottle.
If you have a favourite So…? Layering combination I would love to hear which one it is. Do you prefer fruity or sweet or a mixture of both!!! 

Link to my previous post CLICK HERE

Until next time 

Jue X 

Big thank you to EssencePR and So…? For kindly gifting these items to me. 
*Gifted items but you guys know I would buy them anyway!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing idea. Can’t wait to check out the range.