March 19, 2022

PR/ Gifted to review

As we are all starting to be a little bit more sustainable with our beauty products I really wanted to bring this to this blog. Being more sustainable is something that I care a lot about and thought the more brands that give us an option the better. 
This brings me to a new (to me) and exciting organic brand called Dr Jackson’s. 
If you haven’t heard of the brand before let me give you a little back story! 
Dr Jackson's is a gender neutral brand that was founded by Simon Jackson (who has spent over two decades studying indigenous plants and their uses in traditional
medicines) and is a sustainable science-led cosmetics company creating natural, clean and safe skincare products as well as organic herbal teas using the finest ingredients nature has to offer.
The research for the products spanned over two decades with plant studies as well as lab testing. 
Even Today, The Dr Jackson brand stays true to its original vision and values, with the help of pharmacognosists, chemists and formulation experts all with the mission to be an innovative, ethical and a sustainable company. They also work with like minded people wishing to make a positive impact on the planet and to inspire future generations. It’s easy to see how the brand were voted Eco brand of the year in 2021 and won 13 awards at the beauty and well being shortlist awards for 2022. In fact the brand have won multiple Beauty Shortlist Awards every year since the year 2018. 
So Dr Jackson’s products are not only award winning but are sustainable, skin kind and animal cruelty free too! (What’s not to love!) 
So what are my first impressions. 
I’m not going to lie I love the packaging. I love how the packaging is sustainable and looks so natural. It’s very simple but effective and I love the look and feel of the products. I know the packaging isn’t always important it’s what’s inside that counts but I always do like to give the packaging a mention. Especially if it’s super cute and can be completely recycled. 
So the brand recently sent me over three of their products to try out. So the first one I’m going to talk about is the… 
02 Night Cream 30ml - £42.00
This is an intensely rich and deeply nourishing moisturiser that hydrates, smooths and softens the skin while you sleep. It comes in a cute little black pot and you get 30ml of product (which is a normal size for a night cream.) It is to be used as an essential part of your bedtime skincare ritual and you can use it alone or along side the day cream which is also available. The luxurious formula is packed with powerful and fragrant botanicals that work to regenerate dry skin and help diminish fine lines . It contains kigelia fruit extract that firms and evens the skin tone as well as baobab seed oil that provides vitamins and antioxidants that offer protection from environmental pollutants, while the cream also includes frankincense that calms and soothes the complexion, and mango seed butter that deeply nourishes. This natural night cream is suitable for even sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, radiant and youthful. 

This cream is pleasure to use. It has a nice scent and is not at all greasy. It soaked in really nicely and left my skin feeling super soft the next morning. I loved how my skin (especially around my eyes) looked brighter and my makeup sat better on my skin. AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE! 

So now onto the Everyday Oil…  

03 Everyday Oil 25ml - £39.00
A while back I was scared to put any sort of oil onto my face but as soon as I got over that there has been no stopping me. This one is a lightweight, nourishing blend of 100% natural oils for the face and body that effectively reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and blemishes, as well as reducing the signs of ageing. 
The product comes in a 25ml little bottle with droplet application. This gives you just enough of the product and I would say for reference one droplet is enough for your whole face. 
The Everyday Oil has been created to support sensitive and acne prone skin. It is packed with powerful and nutrient rich botanicals that work in harmony to condition and calm. It contains Marula seed oil that hydrates and revitalises, and a nutrient-rich baobab seed oil protects the skin from environmental pollutants, while calendula soothes and revives, and anti inflammatory arnica helps to heal a troubled complexion. 
This to me is one of those products that can be used anywhere. Firstly it’s amazing for your face and leaves your skin feeling super smooth. 
It’s so good for inflamed skin and even spots. It really helps to calm your skin down 
I also have been using it on my hair and nails with great results as well. 

It can also be used on acne scaring which is something that I’m lucky enough not to suffer with but I get asked a lot about. So if this is you this might be worth a try. 
It is also recommended for stretch marks which is something that I don’t have either but it’s worth a try if that’s something that you suffer with as well. AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE!

So now onto my new favourite face wash. It’s the… 

07 Face Wash 200ml - £33.00
This is a gentle face wash that both cleanses and hydrates to reveal clear, clean and purified skin. 
It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, this sulphate-free cleanser is packed with botanical ingredients that remove dirt and control oiliness without stripping away skin's natural moisture. It contains Fruit acids that are found in pomegranate's red seed arils function as a mild exfoliant and a natural alternative to harmful microbeads, while botanicals baobab, kigelia, mandarin, lemon, Roman chamomile and pomegranate work together to cleanse , moisturise and protect. As well as this it contains an uplifting, natural citrus scent that makes this oil control face cleanser perfect for awakening the senses in the morning and clearing your mind before going to bed at night.
So I’m completely obsessed with this face wash. I love the bottle and the fact the product comes with a little pump making it perfect to use just the right amount. It smells amazing and very citrusy which isn’t a surprise looking at the ingredients inside. 
Just a few pumps of the products foams up into a lovely lather which is enough for your full face. 
This Face Wash left my skin feeling amazing so purified and refined. I love the fact that this product is sulphate-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin so is a great product to use twice a day with no skin nasties. AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE!

I have left all the links to the products mentioned above just in case you fancied giving them a try. I will also leave a link to the main website just in case there is a product you would like to try that I haven’t talked about. The website offers solutions for all your skin problems so it’s definitely worth a visit. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WEBSITE

It’s free shipping on all orders over £45.00 it’s the perfect time to purchase. 
It’s so easy to see why the brand is Eco brand of the year and I would definitely like to keep on using the brand as I really enjoyed trying the three products out. 

Until next time 
Jue X 
*Big thank you to Dr Jackson Skincare for kindly gifting me these products to review. 
*All opinions are my own. 

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