April 08, 2022

Gifted to review
Hey guys and welcome back to another post. So.. skincare isn’t just about finding the right lotions and potions you need the right tools as well. If you are like me and love at home beauty gadgets this might be just the post for you. 
So recently I was kindly gifted the PMD Beauty Clean Mini to try out. This is something that I had actually been reading about so was really excited to be giving it a try. 
PMD BEAUTY is a premier beauty company offering smart beauty tools and skincare products so you can bring the feel of the spa to your own home. One way of achieving this is with the PMD Clean mini. 

So what does the PMD Clean Mini do? 
The PMD Clean mini is a smart facial cleansing device that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It uses SonicGlow Technology to break down dirt and oil from within the pores by vibrating 7,000 times per minute. (That’s some vibrations!) 
The device itself is made of mostly silicone, which is odour resistant, waterproof, and antibacterial. The ultra-hygienic brush head has two sides, one for cleansing which is made up of small bristles to deliver a deep cleanse, while the other side has a more wave like appearance which can be used to massage the skin or to work serums. I love this about the brush as this makes it an amazing two in one product. 
It was after the success of the The PMD Clean, the brand have introduced the Mini version of the same product to the PMD Clean family. This is what is PMD call the “beginners bestie”. It’s the perfect tool for those who are just getting started with skincare and are looking to upgrade their routine It contains the same antibacterial silicone and sonic glow technology as its full sized big sister that is also available but the The PMD Clean Mini is perfect for travel or those on a budget as it’s smaller and a little bit cheaper. 
Picture taken from the website 
Top is the original PMD Clean and the bottom one is the mini version

The mini is available in 4 different shades.  I have been kindly sent the pink one with the other colours being Purple, Orange and Yellow. I love how bright all four of the colours are. They
 are a real taking point and to be honest no matter which colour you go for would look great on your bathroom shelf. 
Picture taken from Instagram showing all of the available colours. 
The PMD clean mini Brush works by having four cleansing and anti-aging vibration modes that range from gentle vibration to intense pulsation allowing you to be in total control of your facial skincare. This means that there are two for cleansing and two for massaging in serums. 
The back for serums

The brush for cleansing 
The PMD Clean mini feels quite different from other face cleansing devices I’ve used. I love the fact that the brush  has a slightly more rubbery feel than a brush based device. This makes the vibrations gentle enough to use around your delicate facial area even the intense pulsation setting but very easy to clean after use as well. Not only does the PMD Clean cleanse to remove makeup, dirt and oil, it also firms and tones the skin to give a more youthful appearance by boosting collagen production which I am so here for! 
It's a battery operated device and requires 1 AAA battery.(This is supplied in the box)  This is so handy as you don’t need a plug to use the product. You can literally use it anywhere in the house with no long wire worries or charging worries. 

I've been using the PMD Clean for a couple of weeks or so now and I have to say I'm loving the results. First of all it fits really comfortably into your hand. It’s not too big and the size makes it fit into smaller areas of your face. My skin does indeed feel a lot smoother and supple now than when I first starting using it. I really enjoy using it to message in my serums at night. This feels like a proper pamper. I do suffer with large pores which seem a lot smaller at the moment thanks to the PMD Clean and my skin is so much smoother these days. Overall I feel like it does an amazing job at giving my skin a super deep and comfortable cleanse and my skin has looked so much more fresh and more even toned since I first started using this beauty tool. 
I also find that I’m using less of my cleansing products. This might have something to do with the fact that this device makes my cleansers foam up more, meaning I need to use less product, so less is definitely more where this is concerned. 
The PMD Clean range has won many awards over the years, including the prestigious Beauty Bible Gold Award 2021 for Cleansing Devices (PMD Clean PRO RQ), the GQ Best High-Tech Grooming Gadgets 2018 award (PMD Clean), the Top Santé Body Care 2021 Silver Award (PMD Clean Body) and the Hero Product award at the Wedding Ideas Beauty Awards 2019 (PMD Clean PRO). So don’t just take my word for it at how good the brand is. 

If you fancy giving your face a little bit of TLC with this award winning product, I will leave you the link CLICK HERE 
The mini clean retails at £59. This isn’t cheap but I like to think that it’s an investment. 
If you have tried any of the PMD Beauty products before I would love to know what you think… 
Until next time
Jue X 

*Big thank you to PMD Beauty for kindly gifting me their Clean Mini to try out for review. 
*Not a paid post 

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  1. This sounds sooooooo exciting. Will be giving this one a try :)

    1. It’s such a good product and definitely worth a try! Thank you so much for commenting X

  2. Replies
    1. Aww Bea, you definitely do! Thank you so much for commenting X

    2. Aww Bea, you definitely do! Thank you so much for commenting X

    3. Aww Bea, you definitely do! Thank you so much for commenting X