April 12, 2022

Gifted to review
 If you have sensitive skin that needs calming down this might just be the post for you. I know in certain months of the year my skin can get really dry. I find harsh cold weather can dry it out and in the summer months hot weather can as well! I just can’t win!!  This makes my skin feel super uncomfortable and certain products that you think might help just make your skin feel worse. This is where Atomy Derma Real Cica set of three products is perfect for dry skin. 
If you are unfamiliar with the brand, (You know how I love a back story!) ATOMY was established in 2009 in South Korea and the online marketplace has recently launched their online brand in the UK and Europe. The brand is already known all around the world and In fact over a 90 days period last year UK internet searches have rose by 80% meaning that I’m not the only one wanting to find out more about the brand.

So recently I have been kindly gifted the The Atomy Derma Real Cica set to try out. This comes in a lovely box which makes it great to be given as a gift or if you are like me just keep it for yourself! It contains three products that have been formatted with Centella Calming Complex, Centella Peptide, Centella Ceramide, Phytocoresome, Madecassoside, and Teca-oliosome, the Centella Avengers. These are well known ingredients that help to soothe and protect the skin's barrier, leaving the skin feeling calm and comfortable. 
In the Atomy Derma Real Cica set you get a Toner (120ml). Ampoule (40ml) and Cream (50ml) and all of the products are hypoallergenic. 
All three of the products work hand in hand with each other. They all promise quick relief for those with sensitive skin and have even won an excellent award for sensitive skin by dermatest. 
So what makes these products unique?
Every single ingredient in these products come from nature and contains no skin nasties. 

For example centella is a calming skin complex

and is the perfect product to hydrate your skin with highly concentrated herbal water.
It contains Centella asiatICA [Cica] DNA obtained from nature using a green ingredient called "Deep Salt"
As well as this it also contains Madecassoside, extracted from Cica. This is the main ingredient for healing wounds Immediately soothes skin irritated by external factors
So after trying all of these products on my face for a week or so I thought I would share with you guys how I used them and how I found them. 
So I used the toner in the morning as well as the evening (after makeup removal) on a clean face straight after cleansing. 
I found this was better if applied on a cotton pad rather than your fingers. (I used a cotton pad but a more sustainable option would be a reusable makeup pad either way I found easier than fingers!) 
I found that three drops is perfect for your whole face. So the 120ml bottle used twice a day is going to last you a while. It doesn’t really have any scent to it and doesn’t sting or leave any residue. It just makes your face feel lovely and soothed.
The Ampoule offers instant skin soothing. It comes in a droplet glass jar which makes it super easy to use. You only need 2 droplets of this serum to pop on your face (after you have used the toner) and soaks really nicely into the skin. 
I found I only needed to use the product once but the product can be used again for a second step on really dry skin for instant skin results. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue like some serums can do and doesn’t have much of a scent.
So the last product that is included in the set is the cream. This is the perfect moisturiser to use if you have dry skin and want it soothed. It’s too be used after the other two steps (toner and ampoule). You only need a tiny bit all over your face as a bit goes a long way. It’s super creamy but not so thick so you can’t easily massage it into your face. For a more intense treatment use more of the product for a lovely hydrating face mask in the evening or during the night. 
Like the other two products it doesn’t really have a scent and makes a great base for either a no makeup day or it makes a great base to apply your makeup as your face feels super soft. I also noticed that all three products are great at reducing redness especially on my forehead which is where I get most of my dryness. 
The set for all three products costs £54.00 and I will leave the link HERE just in case you fancy giving the skincare a try. The website offers all kinds of products for all different skin types so if you are thinking “this is great but I don’t have dry skin” it’s definitely worth a look. 

Until next time 

Jue X 

Big thank you to Alice at Sparkle PR and Atomy for kindly gifting me these products to try out. 

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  1. Wow this sounds amazing but expensive:)

  2. I just received this set yesterday. I’m wondering if I can use it for both night and day?