October 09, 2022

So if you are anything like me you might love designer fragrances but not so keen on the designer price tags. 
I would love to be one of those money no object kind of people but my bank account seems to say No!! At the moment, with the cost of living crisis the last thing I’m doing is buying expensive perfumes. 
If you have expensive tastes but not the money to fund that lifestyle or perhaps you love all the designer fragrances but wish they were vegan you might just want to hear all about the award winning vegan brand Eden perfumes.
Eden perfumes is the perfect place to purchase your favourite fragrances that are not only a fraction of the price but are vegan and cruelty free! 
Eden perfumes is a Brighton family run business who’s passion is mixing perfumes. All the fragrance ingredients are 100% vegan , cruelty free and ethically sourced. 
The brand uses organic ingredients where possible and the entire range of fragrances contain between 80% and 90% certified organic ingredients. And if that’s not impressive enough the brand is the newest vegan, non animal tested perfumes and cosmetics seller in the UK.

The brand are able to match your favourite perfume using vegan ingredients including jasmine, vanilla, passion fruit, musk, saffron, oud and sandalwood to name but a few. Each fragrance Is crafted with respect to the planet and the brand save on packaging and marketing and focus on creating a good perfume made to 15% intensity. All the fragrances are Eau de Parfum and not Eau de toilette making the fragrance stronger and an amazing vegan alternative to your favourite fragrance. Each of the fragrances are paraben & phthalate free.(so no skin nasties.) All the fragrances are made in the UK and even though they do smell similar to more expensive fragrances the ingredients aren’t the same and my differ slightly but they are completely vegan. 

Eden Perfumes have a vast variety of perfumes. They have options for Women, Men and Unisex as well. You can choose your perfumes from floral, fruity or oriental. The brand also do Aftershaves as well so everyone is catered for and these come in a woody, aromatic and oriental fragrances.
Each sample has a name and a number. The names make it easy to identify which fragrance that the fragrance is similar to. A full list of the fragrances is available online or in one of the brands stores which are located in Brighton and London. 
If you're lucky enough to live near Brighton or London you can also visit the store there. If not, check out the website CLICK HERE!
So what are the fragrances that I have been sent.
If money was no object I would be a Gucci girl. This luxury brand can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the fragrance, fashion and everything in between.
The scent from Eden is great if you love the Gucci Bloom scent. This is one of my favourite scents and it’s amazing that Eden offer a cheaper vegan alternative. The scent is really long lasting and lasts I would say just as long as the Gucci one. 
Recently I’ve discovered I love Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. At £215.00 a bottle there is no way I could justify spending that amount on a fragrance. Luckily for us all. Eden Perfumes have us covered with No.504 Bacarat – Oriental Floral Unisex.
This smells so expensive! I’m obsessed! It’s the scent that I’ve had most compliments whilst wearing and it’s that kind of fragrance that you know isn’t going to need topping up during the day. It’s unisex so you know it’s one of those fragrances that is suitable for all. I don’t own a bottle of the original so I can’t do a wear and compare but what I can say is this one is really long lasting and smells the same! 
In conclusion if your finances have taken a bit of a battering and you don’t want to compromise on scents or you want to buy Vegan versions of your favourite scents,  Eden perfumes is a gift. You can choose from a small sample box of 10ml bottles to try out your favourites or if you know what you love just tap in the search bar your favourite scent. For example if you type in “Gucci” the products that are available are shown. 
You can order 30ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles. 
The brand also offer a refill discount on empty bottles. This is a great way of saving the planet and the environment.

Don’t just take my word for it either. The website includes pages of online reviews about each individual fragrance that is available and it’s worth taking a look if you have a favourite.
As well as exciting fragrances. You can also purchase candles. Both would make exciting gifts ready for the Christmas season (if you want to get in early!!) 
Until next time.
Jue X 
*contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. 
Big thank you to Eden Perfumes for kindly gifting me these fragrances to try out! Click here to buy Eden

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