October 13, 2022

 So recently I was kindly gifted one of the brand new Lenor Outdoorable fragrances of Fabric Softeners to try out. 
I’m one of those people who has a collection of Fabric Softeners in my little cupboard. It’s sort of an obsession and most of them in my little stash are from Lenor.
With so many of us trying to dry our washing indoors without using the tumble dryers, Lenor have come up with a brand new product that really can help us with this! It’s the Lenor Outdoorable fabric softener in three fabulous fragrances.
These brand new and exciting fragrances use SolarDry™ technology that replicates the inimitable fragrance that sunlight produces when it hits wet fabrics. It infuses long lasting freshness of the great outdoors, no matter where you dry!
With three in the collection you can choose between 
I have been kindly gifted the Tropical Sunset fragrance and it’s literally a summers day in a bottle and the perfect product to beat the winter blues! It’s a bright tropical fruity scent and the notes of watermelon, mango and melon feels like you have been whisked off to a far away land! (I wish!!) 

When it comes to laundry, there's nothing quite like the freshness of line-dried clothes. If you are anything like me, the washing machine seems like it’s always on in my house. (It’s actually on at the time of writing this!) This is all well and good in the summer months but during the winter months. The drying process can cause a bit of a problem. 

As energy bills are on the rise there are steps we can take for saving money with the new Lenor Outdoor-able fabric softener.. for example..

With Lenor, your clothes feel fresher for longer making them suitable to be worn more than just once. (but obviously not underwear as these should be changed daily!!!) I’ve found you can get away trousers and jumpers for a couple of days. 
Only wash when you have a full washing machine. We kind of do that in our house already and always wash at a low temperature of 30oC or below. This can save up to 60% off your bills which is a huge amount at the moment. 
Skip the tumble dryer if you can! Now I know this is difficult, especially if you have lots of washing. On sunny days I find clothes dry well in the window on an airer and with Lenors unique SolarDry™ technology mimics the effect of sunshine on wet fabrics when they dry outdoors, step-changing the freshness of your laundry. So no build up of damp odours even when dried indoors! 

The fragrance makes the daily wash more of a pleasure than a chore as there is nothing nicer than freshly washed clothes or bedding. 
I found that the scent was really long lasting and actually smelt nicer than drying outside. Clothes feel super soft and bedding smells amazing for days. 
The lovely thing about fabric softener is when you air your washing off with heat (for example by a radiator or warm airer) your whole house smells of the fragrance!!  You can get 55 washes from just one bottle which is also pretty impressive stuff! 
That's why Lenor Outdoorable is now loved by millions of households around the UK and I would definitely switch up my usual fabric softener for this as it’s so lovely and I love the scent.

Until next time 


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