May 20, 2023


As it’s getting closer to the summer months it seems the perfect time to sort out my makeup bag. I’ve recently updated my makeup products but what about my makeup tools that are looking a bit tired and maybe could do with updating. 
Beauty tools can be expensive but if you are on the look out for affordable but quality products. TRUYU might be just the brand for you. 
So if you are unfamiliar with the brand let me tell you more about them. 
TRUYU started out as QVS and belongs to the ZWILLING Beauty Group, a leading beauty tool company with subsidiaries and production sites in the US, Europe, India and China. They have decades of experience in designing and creating beauty tools to suit every type of beauty customer. 
TRUYU believe the little things in life mean a lot and they provide you with the tools to make a big difference.

TRUYU is all about empowering everyone to ‘tool up’ and celebrate their own unique beauty and inner artist as well as being obsessed with creating the most durable, high-quality products for head-to-toe beauty.
So I have been kindly gifted a few beauty tools from the brand to try out and share with you my thoughts.  
So the first product is the The eyelash curler and tweezer set. This includes a precision slant tweezer for accurate, targeted hair removal and brow shaping as well as the eyelash curler designed with a higher arch and customised curling bar to reach the smallest of lashes for maximum curl.
Both come in a beautiful matte finish in an amazing mint green shade and is the perfect duo to use as part of your everyday beauty routine. So what are the key benefits? 
- Makeup routine essentials.
- Precision slanted tweezer.
- Designed to control pressure for beautifully curled lashes.
- Two replacement silicone pads.
- Matte finish

So I’m not going to lie I don’t really use lash curlers. If I did these would be perfect. In fact using these have kind of made me realise what I’ve been missing. They are so easy to use and really do curl your lashes. I’m obsessed with the mint green colour as well. 

I do however use tweezers all the time. Even though I do now have more in the way of brows than I used to I still don’t like plucking them. I do however get the odd strays which tend to get plucked. With these being slanted they are so easy to use and really sharp compared to the ones that I usually use. To be honest I hadn’t realised how rubbish my old ones were before I started using these! Click here

The next product I would like to tell you about is the Luxe Foundation Sponge 

This is a Large, bespoke shape that helps you apply foundation, BB and CC creams to large areas seamlessly and easily. The edges are made to use in all the contours of your face and it’s the perfect size to carry around with you.  
So here are the Details…
- Flat, oval shape. 
- Not made with natural latex. 
- Reusable with regular cleaning.
This sponge is so easy to use. You can use it dry or I used it damp to apply my foundation. My foundation went on really nicely with a smooth finish and the sponge can easily be washed after use. Click here!
Now the last item is a brush with after using the sponge is the perfect tool to apply your face powder with. The TRUYU powder makeup brush is a small brush but is the perfect size for on-the-go makeup application for that effortless, natural glow. This powder brush is designed with a large, plush bristle head for blending and quick and easy application.

Now for the Key Benefits..
- For powder application and re-touches.
- Perfect for travel, handbag size.
- Soft and plush nylon bristles.
- Sturdy wooden handle.
I completely love this brush to apply my setting powder. It may be small but does everything that a larger brush would do. It’s ideal for travel and the bristles are so soft which makes its the perfect tool for your face and around the eye area. Click here!

If you are based in the UK you don’t have to look very far to find a store that sells these products and many more as all the range are available from 
Lloyds Pharmacy
WH Smith
I have also left the links below each product so you can get information about where you can purchase the products in other countries. CLICK HERE FOR STOCKISTS
Until next time 
*Big thank you to B. The agency and TRUYU for kindly gifting me these products to try out for review. 

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