May 08, 2023

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 I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who even if I’m not leaving the house like to spray some nice perfume. I have to admit I own so many and I have, like many of us I’m sure made plenty of perfume mistakes in the past.
It would be so great if there was a way you could try out a fragrance for a month without the commitment of spending your hard earned money on a full sized bottle. Then, only to find you don’t really like it as much as your first thought! Well now you can thanks to Scent & Co. 
Scent & Co London is a unisex fragrance subscription service. (Like Netflix for perfumes). 

The company was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty ambition: to offer choice, flexibility and portability with high-end fragrances at fair prices.
Each month for £14.95, subscribers receive a month’s (10ml) supply of a genuine premium perfume of their choice. For example this month I received the unisex fragrance of Tom Ford NEROLI PORTOFINO.  

This is enough fragrance for 3 sprays a day over 30 days. (So enough for the full month!) and comes straight though your letterbox in the form of a fragrance glass vial. The glass vial fits into the black holder which is also included and works just like a lipstick. The subscription also comes with a “how to replace” leaflet just in case you get stuck. (Not that you will because it’s super easy!)

I love the idea of carrying around a smaller sized fragrance, but buying smaller bottles just to carry around in your bag can be costly. With 450 authentic premium fragrances available whatever you fancy trying you've no need to pay out on costly bottles of perfume when you can get a subscription with a months supply with the option for a new fragrance every 30 days. This is a perfect way of sampling perfumes that you probably wouldn’t normally have tried to see if it suits your skin and your style. I wouldn’t have probably thought about trying a Tom Ford fragrance except Lost Cherry and now I’m obsessed with this one. So it’s all about discovering new fragrances. Not only is this a great way to try out new fragrances each month but it’s also ideal for travel as these little bottles fit nicely into your handbag, inside pocket or even hand luggage as the holiday season is upon us. 
Alongside your chosen (or suggested by an expert) fragrance, you’ll get a black luxurious travel case. This means you can take your perfume with you wherever you go. This makes carrying your 10ml bottle a breeze, and they’re easy to switch up, you simply twist the lid and pull. 
I’m such a fan of this service and if you fancy giving it a try use my code JUE30 to receive 30% off your first months order! That’s a pretty good discount! (Not aff code) 
I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy a little look. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Until next time

Jue X 

*gifted item for review but all opinions are my own.

*Big thank you to Scent & Co for kindly gifting me this subscription service to try out for review. 

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