April 17, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I'm one of these people who need to plan and I'm so forgetful and tend to have to write everything down so I've bought myself a planner/ organiser in the hope it will get me organised.
I love the thought of using a planner and I thought it would be great to write ideas and notes to remind me of memories or things I need to remember.

With prices differing from shop to shop (some as much as £40)  and me not wanting spend a lot on planning just incase I can't get on board with the whole planner thing I found this one in my local Home Bargains and it was £1.09, which is perfect for me and my fickle ways.
Firstly let's look at the design I love the cutesy little chevron sign front and the size is perfect for my bag. I think it's A8 but please don't quote me.
They did have another design front cover that one had flowers on and was very Cath Kidston (you guys know how much I love abit of Cath) but I fancied a change.
The planner is set out with different little tabs and two little plastic zip pockets which is ideal for photos, coupons and receipts.

Each section has this cute spotty divide pages which is perfect for getting to know your way around the planner and help you get organised.

Two ideal plastic holder sections to keep things safe like, tickets, vouchers and receipts.

If you are already a planner please let me know in the comments below how you go on. I would love to hear some tips of the trade and how you use your planner. And is it worth spending abit more on one,maybe getting a more personalised one as I do fancy my initials on the front cover.
I will do a follow on post on how I use my planner and keep you updated.
Happy Planning 
Jue X

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