April 06, 2017

When I discover a new product I love I want to shout it from the rooftops and that is the reason for my blog so today I want to share with you some products I have recently discovered that I can't not live without ( that's abit extreme, but go with me on this).

By Jue Douglas

The products might not be new but they are new to me but that aside I will carry on.
The first product I want to tell you about is Cussons Imperial Leather Cherry Bakewell shower gel. I have said before how I love the Superdrug cherry and almond shower gel and this is the same except for the packaging l. It smells amazing but does make me want a cherry bakewell which is never a good thing if you want to fit in your bikini on holiday but hey ho..
Another product I have been enjoying is the Creightons detoxifying clay mask. I love a clay mask and have used many but this one was on the shelf in my local Home Bargains for 99p so I thought it was worth a go and it's brilliant I used it on Monday and by Tuesday morning my spots on my chin had definitely gone down. I'm not saying it's a miracle cure but it did help and I will definitely use it again.


I have spoken before about the Maybelline Fit me foundation I have been using it all week and love it so will definitely repurchase at £5.99.
The brow product I have been using is the Revolution ultra brow. It's a pencil one end and a pen the other very similar to a felt tip pen and is ideal for the missing gaps (I was an overplucker in the 90s) and it's £3.50 so definitely a bargain.
I tend to get dark circles under my eyes so i find the garnier roll on under the gel tinted stick perfect to over and brighten under the end area. I'm hoping you can still get this as I have had it in my cupboard for ages and not opened it.
Recently in a previous blog I bought some Real Techniques brushes for a bargain price. Well I'm happy to tell you they are really good but not sure they are worth the hype and in a blind test I probably couldn't tell the difference what Brush was being used. That said I have been using the buffing brush the most of all and love it so much.
The Mua blusher are perfect at £1 each I have been using the shade bonbon to add abit of flush to my checks. I love the Mua powder blushers but not keen on the creamy ones or any cream blushers in general I much prefer a powder one.
And last but not least the fragrance I have been using is the Kappa edt which my daughter was given as a present and doesn't like so I said I would use it and I love it. It's not a name I would go for normally as I am far from sporty and too old but I like the fragrance all the same.
Happy shopping
Jue X

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