April 24, 2017

By Jue Douglas

It's been a month of buying and trying new makeup and I've discovered a few new favourites along the way so I thought I would do abit of a makeup shakeup in my makeup bag.
The makeup bag I'm still using is my Unicorn one from Primark from a previous Primark shop I did last month. To be honest it's a little messy now but I still love it so it's all good.
In a previous blog I did tend to have lots of Primark Makeup and while I'm still a fan of there products and think they are great value for money I do love a switch round and to try new things hence I've given my makeup a little shakeup.

First of all let's do base. You guys know how much I have raved about Revlon Colorstay but recently I have been liking the Barry M Flawless Matte foundation in the shade 02 Nude.£5.99..It's lovely to apply and sets really well with my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder £3.99 which I'm afraid hasn't been replaced with a different product as nothing in my eyes is as cheap or good.
Because of the warmer weather I have decided my face could do with a little bit of a brighten and for this I have been using the 17 Instant Glow Gold Bronze Shimmer Brick £3.99. This is a brilliant versatile product and makes a great highlighter as well as an all over glow.
I am still using my little Natural Collection blusher in the shade Rosey Glow. This blusher is great and only costs £1.99. 
Because of my eyes not looking as bright as they used to be I've been using the Maybelline Instant Anti Age The Eraser Eye £7.99 in the shade Nude. This is expensive for 6.8ml but it really does work and covers dark circles a treat.

For my brows I have been loving the new L'Oréal Brow Artist Xpert at £6.99 it's more expensive than the Primark Brow product that I previously loved but it's nice to have a change and it's a really good Brow product for my non existent brows.
I have also changed my liquid liner. At the moment I'm using the L'Oréal Black Lacquer by Super liner £6.49. This lasts all day and it's a great liner product. Even though I do prefer the Primark one at £1. I had to use this as I'm completely out of my Primark one and with work commitments and Easter holidays I haven't had a good Primark shop in a while.
The Mascara I have been using is the Maybelline Lash Sensational £7.99 it's dearer than the Primark one I was using but as before I need a good aprimark shop to restock on my make up products. Its a great Mascara and definitely my favourite drugstore Mascara.
My new favourite lip product has to be the Barry M Matte lipstick in the shade 181 Celebrity skin £4.99. After a rocky start this is now one of my favourite matte lip products I am using at the moment and it has replaced my Primark Matte lipstick in the shade Naked as my favourites.
The new products are slightly more expensive but most of them were on a 3 for 2 so they aren't as much as the price guides suggest. 
I love trying new things and if they turn into favourites they will probably be in my next makeup shakeup.
If you have any more recommendations please leave me a comment as I would love to try all your recommendations.
Hope this helps you choose new products and
Happy Makeup Shopping
Jue X

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