June 25, 2017

By Jue Douglas

You lovely lot know how much I love Barry M. On a previous blog post I told you how much I loved the matte foundation that they do, So when I try something new from the range and I love it I totally want to shout it from the roof tops.
I have tried the Matte lipstick before from the range in a previous blog post and completely loved it so when I received the MATTE ME UP LIP KIT as a free gift from Superdrug ( if you spend £7 on any Barry M products in store or online till Tuesday) I was keen to give it a go.
I love a good Matte lip, in fact it's the only type of lip look I go for. Usually I go for a nude shade but in a lipstick formula, so I was keen to try the liquid lip paint and liner as it's called on the box.
The Barry M lip kits are a complete dupe for the Kylie Jenner lip kits that are so popular at the moment. I can't compare the formula of the two because I have never used the Kylie Jenner one but the packaging and style of the product seems the same. The little box comes with the lip paint in a normal lipgloss tube with applicator and a lip pencil. Completely the same as the Kylie one, but a little bit cheaper. Like I said this was a free gift, so they only had one shade which is "blow out" not a usual colour I would go for but I was keen to give it a go....A few months back they did release the same lipkit but in more shades but these were a limited edition so the kits aren't available anymore and I never got to try one before in a shade that was more suiting to myself. Knowing what I know now I would have bought one but I'm always wise after the event. 
Barry M do sell the Matte Me Up lip paint as a stand alone product without the box & liner pencil for £4.99 and there other shades more suited to a nude lip product fan like me or those of you who aren't so boring with lip colour like I am there are plenty of other shades to choose from.
I normally don't like using lip pencils but like the idea that if you do like using them you get a complete colour match in these kits as I'm not really a fan of using different shades for lipsticks and lip liners.
I decided to use just the lip paint and not the liner as I wouldn't normally use one and I'm not very good at application with lip liners anyway.
Top shade... on the scene
Bottom shade... blow out 
The lip paint went on well and was easy to apply with the wand. I found only one coat is needed.
It took about 2 minutes, ( maybe less) to set fully and set to a lovely shade.
Its so comfortable to wear and you really don't feel you have anything on your lips which is a good point for some but not for people who like the feel of a lip product actually on there lips. I found if you apply a lip balm over the top if you have dry lips or like to feel a product this does the job and doesn't effect the look of the lip product...
Now for the good bit.. you can't get it off... after 6 hours and two cups of tea later the lip paint was still going strong and I didn't need to reapply but if I had it does top up really nicely. I am that impressed I have purchased another colour abit more to my taste. The one I choose was the shade "on the scene". At £4.99 these are sold separately without the lip liner....This is a more neutral Nude shade and definitely more me, without the lip liner matt pencil which I wouldn't use anyway.
The "on the scene" shade of the Matte me up liquid lip didn't last quite as long as the "blow out" shade but I put it down to "blow out" being a darker shade but you still get a good 4 hours wear out of it and the formula feels the same as each other and it does top up very well.
Definitely the best lip paint or Matte liquid lip I have ever tried and a brilliant dupe if you want to save money and not buy the Kylie Jenner one.
If you are looking for a good lip product I can definitely recommend this and if you love this as much as me I would love to here from you.
Also have you  tried the Kylie Jenner one and compared the two, which one do you think is better...
Happy Matte Lip Kit Shopping
Jue X

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