June 22, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well it's me again with  another blog post about more makeup I have been trying so you don't have to.. or you do have to if it's good.
I was recently on a little shopping trip in Cheshire and came across the MAKEUP REVOLUTION BROW POMADE. Now I'm not sure if these are new but I've not seen them on the stand before and I didn't even know that Revolution did a pomade. It might just have been me not looking properly but anyway Revolution do a brow pomade and I picked one up. ( I think I did a little run to the till in excitement).
The product costs £6.. which is about average for a drugstore pomade that I would buy and slightly cheaper than the NYX one that I have bought in the past.
Anyway the product comes in a little box.. when I say little it looks abit big for the product inside but more about that later.
There were four shades to choose from and I chose the medium brown. I never like a too dark brow even though I'm a brunette because I have quite thin brows (due to over plucking) and can never get a proper brow look.

Anyway the product promises "bullet proof brows" and doesn't smudge which I think is a big deal with brows and brow products in general, because no one wants there brows half way down their face.
Now back to the big box. What I didn't realise is.. it comes with a brush.. and it's double ended!!! hence why the box has to be big.
When I recently bought the NYX pomade I had to go out and buy a brush, since then I have ended up with three but I always thought it should have come with a brush. This one does which I think is a really good idea for this type of a product.
 The shape of the one end of the brush is at a slant and the other is small and rounded.
The product does remind me more of the NYX pomade, more than the elf one but I am interested to see how it applys........

Now for the day test..
I used the little brush on the slanted side to apply and the first thing I noticed was how firm the brush is which I completely love and the angle is perfect to apply. Like I said the brush is double ended but I only used the slanted end and I definitely prefer this brush to the Real Techniques brow brush I have bought in the past. The other side of the brush would be nice to fill in more thicker eyebrows but sadly this doesn't apply to me so I didn't use this side.
The product went on very evenly and the texture and colour is very similar to the NYX one I have tried before. Its completely different to the ELF lock on liner though,that I bought thinking it was a pomade.
I only needed one coat as well but I'm sure it would be buildable if needed but I found one application with the brush enough for me.
I'm not sure if it's the product or the brush but it make the brows look very sharp and they definitely looked filled in and not for someone who likes a natural look. I like my brows to look done so I'm happy with this factor.
The brow pomade didn't fade or smudge at all and at the end of the day it was quite hard to remove so I would definitely say it's long lasting and perhaps waterproof, even though it doesn't claim to be on the box:
All in all one of my new favourite brow products that's similar to the NYX product of a similar price with the added advantage of the brush which completely sells the product for me and I would definitely repurchase. I would probably try the lighter shade next time as this might be a little dark for a medium brown colour.
If you have tried this or any other brow product please leave me a comment because I always love to hear what people think.
Happy Brow Shopping
Jue X

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