June 17, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 It's been a few weeks since I have spoken to you about foundations so I wanted to let you know about a foundation I have been re trying and loving.
It's the RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH FOUNDATION. Now I love the Rimmel brand and love the nostalgia that the brand bring to me. It was one of the first brands that I used as a teenager when the lipstick 'Heather Shimmer" was a thing ( yes they still make it) and if we had a piece of Rimmel in our little makeup bag in our school bag we were on trend.
Since the rebranding of "London" being added to the title and Kate Moss coming on board Rimmel London seem to have gone from strength to strength. I for one am happy about this and I love the fact that affordable makeup that the likes of Kate Moss wears is in my price range.
After not using a Rimmel London foundation for a while I thought it was time to give it another go.
I have used this a while back but the shade I had was too light and it put me off wanting to wear it so this time instead of my usual ivory tone shades I thought I would go for 200 Soft Beige.This shade is a little darker than the one I had before but after testing on my hand ( I know!!!! But we all do it in the drugstore don't we?) I thought it was the best match for me.
At £7.99 for 30ml it's not as cheap as I would like it to be but if you get it on an offer (3for 2) (by 1 get 1 half price) it does work out at a better deal.

Firstly let's look at the packaging.. The fact it's in a glass bottle does give the product a luxury feel but definitely not ideal for travel or fitting in your makeup bag for on the go. Me personally, would prefer a tube but that's just me. The fact it has a pump is also a good thing as it lets you just pump the right amount so there is little or no waste of the product.
Now the promises it says on the packaging... it promises a "25 hour comfort serum" I always wonder why products say this.. Is there anyone who wants to wear foundation none stop for 25 hours and if they do why not 24 hours, surely 12 hours is enough but it does prove its long lasting which has to be a good thing. It also promises " Skin Perfecting full coverage"  if you're anything like me I definitely need something to perfect my skin and provide full coverage so we are off to a winner straight away.
It also promises to be "Sweat, Heat, Humidity and Transfer proof which can only be a good thing as even though I'm a little bit cold blooded and am always cold it's good to know if the weather does get hot the foundation won't let me down.
I also love the fact it's got a SPF factor 20 in there. I hate wearing suntan cream on my face so it's good to know there's some in my foundation and where as a lot of foundations are factor 15 (some none at all which is unreal especially in the dearer brand) this one is a little better.
Now for the day test.
On the first day I applied this with a beauty sponge Now this product smells lovely which is unusual for a foundation but it's so nice and a pleasure to use. It spreads really well and covered very well. It wasn't a matte coverage ( which I thought it would be) at first until I applied some Stay Matte pressed powder also from Rimmel London which is my favourite pressed powder to use.
It felt very comfortable to wear considering it was such full coverage. By lunchtime I did retouch my powder but I think I could have got away with not doing it as I wasn't particularly shiny it was just something I needed to do. If I was going on an evening out I would definitely had to re powder but the foundation was still alright and I wouldn't have had to reapply the whole face, which in my eyes is excellent for a drugstore foundation.
I was so impressed with this foundation I wanted to give it another go just to make sure so this time I used a foundation brush to apply. This time it didn't go on as thickly and gave a more natural look which I preferred even though I liked the idea of full coverage. I like how this foundation is definitely buildable with a brush and can give you a more natural look which would probably be better for summer. The longevity was still the same with either a sponge or brush.
All in all definitely worth a try but probably better one for the winter months if you don't like using a foundation brush as it does tend to go on thicker with a sponge.
If you have used this, let me know what you think and if you love it as much as me.
Happy Rimmel London Shopping
Jue X

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