June 19, 2017

By Jue Douglas

At this time of year my little heart starts thinking about holiday time. Holidays are a perfect time to revamp your makeup bag as well as your summer wardrobe.
I am one of those people who has to have new makeup when I'm going on holiday even down to a new makeup bag. I don't know why I do this as it wastes money and if it's new makeup, and if ive  never tried it before what if I don't like it, but it's always nice to have new things and it's all part and parcel of the excitement of the build up of summer or holidays.
So I thought this would be the a perfect time to show you which products I have decided to fill my new makeup bag with in the holiday makeup shake up.

The Makeup Bag I'm filling with my new products is so cute. It cost £3 and is from Primark and is transparent with little cactus on. As well as being super cute I thought it was summery and ideal for holidays or summertime in general.
Now to fill it......let's start with base:...
I always like to carry pressed powder with me (you know for all those shiny touch up moments we all have from time to time) and I've chosen the ELF pressed powder at £7 that I bought for a few weeks ago. I didn't buy this for holidays especially, but I haven't used it much yet so I thought it would be perfect for my new makeup bag and I do completely love the packaging with all the ELF products if I'm honest.
The foundation I have chosen to pop into my new makeup bag is the Maybelline Fit me foundation. £6.99. In the shade 130. This is one of my favourites at the moment and find the tube ideal for saving up space in the makeup case. I don't tend to wear much foundation if I'm on holiday as I always use a matte facial suntan cream but do usually need one for an evening. I have recently rediscovered the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation but find it's abit heavy for summer and the packaging isn't very travel friendly, so it's the Maybelline one that I'm going with.
I also popped in my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer £7.99. In the shade Nude. I have the Superdrug Pixie edition. I find this to be best for dark circles and covers all other imperfections ( I have so many) I needed a concealer for the makeup bag and this one is the best.

I do like my mascara and have to wear it religiously so I picked up the Primark PS Aqua Lash to wear in the day. As the title suggests its waterproof. I hate waterproof mascara but I don't want to have my Alice Cooper face again so I'm taking this and even if I don't wear it it only costs £2 and is there if I need it.
The Mascara I have for the evening ( if I can remove the waterproof one that is) is the Maybelline Lash Sensational.(£3.99 from B&M) I am a big fan of this Mascara so I know it will be a complete winner for me.
As I like to travel light I thought I would pop in my new ELF baked bronzer £5 in the shade Bronzed glow. This is perfect for me for evening makeup as it contains a bronzer and a highlighter all in a cute little compact. The highlighter shade gives such a nice pay off making it perfect for the summer months.
The lip product I have chosen to take is the Rimmel only 1 Matte lipstick in the shade Trendsetter £6.99. This is my favourite drugstore lip product and find it's very long lasting and doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's very similar to the PS Matte lipstick that I love but It's very hit and miss if you can get them in my local Primark as they are not always available all the time.
Because I have non existent eyebrows I have to include a Brow product. I'm hopefully going to get my brows tinted ( the very few I have) soon but will still need an extra Brow product so I've chosen the  Primark 3 in 1 Brow pencil £2: This product is brilliant and is at such a great price. I thought a pencil might be easier and lighter to use rather than a pomade which I usually use on a daily basis normally and it will save me using a brow brush as well.
On holidays or really hot days I don't like wearing much liquid eyeliner but I thought I would include my Ps liquid eyeliner just in case I need it for a cat eye on an evening out. At £1 this is my very favourite eyeliner product to use and lasts just as long as a product 10 times the price. I can't recommend this product enough.
The pencil eyeliner I have chosen to take is the Essence black eyeliner it's approximately £2 and comes as a mechanical pencil which I think is great for holidays to save taking a pencil sharpener.
As you all know I love a good makeup palette but they are not very travel friendly and won't fit in my new makeup bag so I have decided to include the Rimmel London Kate eyeshadow stick in Rose Gold instead. I love these sticks but find they don't last as long as I would like  them to before they need sharpening and I would prefer them in a mechanical format. I probably won't be using this at all but it's there if I need it and I will still probably use my makeup Revolution fortune favours the brave palette anyway even though it won't fit.
I think that about covers everything. I would love to know if you have used any of the products I have popped into my new makeup bag or what you take when your traveling or on the go.
Happy Summer Shopping
Jue X

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