July 20, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by.
Loving budget beauty products as much as I do and not wanting to spend a lot on my face may mean I miss out on more luxury beauty products that could make all the difference. With this in mind off I popped to the Estée Lauder counter in my local town to check out a couple of high end foundations to see if I'm missing out.

I have tried the original DOUBLE WEAR before and was very impressed with the longevity of it and the fact I was still the same colour at the end of the day ( I wasn't orange or yellow) but I can't justify spending £32 on a little bottle just for my face when I could get something similar for a fraction of the price. The lady on the counter was lovely and sent me away with a couple of little samples.. one was the original DOUBLE WEAR and one was the new DOUBLE WEAR NUDE WATER FRESH MAKEUP foundation to try. The samples last 10 days each so there was plenty for me to give me an honest verdict of both foundations.
Now I know I love the original Double Wear but I have never tried the new Double Wear nude water fresh foundation before and I couldnt wait.

The formula of the Nude Water Fresh is very different from the original Double Wear and is perfect and light weight for the summer months. I think Estée Lauder have the summer months in mind as it contains a SPF 30 in the formula which is brilliant as the original Double Wear is SPF 10. I do love a foundation containing an SPF after suffering from high pigmentation after my holidays.
It's the same price as the original Double Wear £32, but I was colour matched two different shades for each foundation;
Original Double Wear in the shade Dawn
Double wear Nude Water Fresh in the shade Rattan.
 I'm not sure why they aren't the same shades as they do a Dawn in the Water Fresh but I didn't argue as I was the shade Sand and Desert Beige on a previous visit so who knows??? There is 33 shades in the range so I'm sure it's easy to get it wrong from time to time with shop lighting, etc.
Anyway today I've been trying the Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation and seeing what I think of it.
My first thought is that it's very watery, which I'm not really surprised as it's called "Water Fresh", I found I had to apply it with my fingers as I tried to use a sponge and I didn't get much pay off as the sponge soaked it all up. Afterwards I thought I could have used a brush but it blends nicely with your fingers but is quite messy (with it being quite a thin liquid). I did have to build it to get a good coverage ( I think I used half the sample ) but the colour match was spot on so at least that was something.
( I have since found out you apply with your fingers and using a sponge or brush is definitely a no no  and you have to shake the little bottle first before applying).

Something about this foundation I didn't like is there is a sort of glowy sheen to it ( some people will love this) which I suppose would give you a lovely healthy radiant glow but with my skin it just makes me look a little bit shiny before the day even started. It does remind me of the Rimmel wake me up foundation, without the nice smell so if you like that you are going to love this. I did use powder to calm the shine down and it might not have looked as bad as I thought it did but I do prefer a matte look and this is a more dewy finish.
The foundation did last all day and stayed the same colour ( no going orange here). I'm not sure if it would last 24 hours as it promises but I was impressed with the staying power of approximately 12 hours.
All in all a very good foundation for a dewy finish and probably would suit someone who doesn't like a heavy finish and has really good clear skin to start off with. Sadly that's not me and if I was to buy a Estée Lauder foundation it would definitely be the original Double Wear as I am so impressed with the finish of the original rather than the nude version with the formulas being completely different.

If you would like a review of the original please let me know as I have got my little 10 day sample and those are definitely worth a try as they are completely free from a any Estée Lauder counter or i have noticed they do sell bottles on depop at a discounted price so that might be worth a try as well if you are keen to try the Double Wear but don't want to shell out £32 just on a bottle of liquid.
As for me I'm keeping my sample for special occasions and going back to my Revlon colourstay for everyday makeup as it's definitely more in my price range.

If you have tried any of the range please leave me a comment what you think especially the new Water Fresh as I would like to know how other people get on with on.
Happy foundation shopping
Jue X

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