July 21, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by. No you all know how much I love abit of budget beauty (aka cheap makeup) and after my last post being an Estée Lauder foundation I thought I would get myself back to where my heart belongs and the real world and write a little post on makeup that costs £1.
Where as I know some cheap makeup can be abit pants to be honest, there are some great little finds that are available, are really good and you don't have to wait till payday.

So let's start off with Poundland. I am quite liking the MAKEUP GALLERY range in there at the moment, it's the only brand that everything is literally £1. From Foundation to Contour, it's all still £1. I still haven't tried everything from the range and really would like to try the mascara as I was quite happy with the liquid eyeliner ( but not the brush) But the items I have tried have been pretty good, the packaging looks worthy of a more expensive brand and definitely worth a try.
The stand out products in the range have to be the Bronzer, Highlighter and Pressed Powder and the worst being the Foundation but still worth a try and a great pocket money range that will see you though till payday.

Now you guys know how much I love myself abit of Primark and love the fact the makeup is so good. I have been using the PS range in there for quite a while and I raved about certain products from there before. To be honest most of the products from the range are more than a £1 with my favourite ever Matte lipstick being £1.50 so I haven't included that but I had to include my favourite eyeliner. This is the item from a previous blog post that made me get the idea for this one. Its one of those little beauty secrets that we all love hearing about. The eyeliner lasts all day even though it's not waterproof and I have watery eyes. It doesn't flake and the brush is perfect to create a brilliant flick if that's your kind of look you go for.
I do love myself a Mascara from the range they do and even though the average price is around £2, they do a basic one for £1. The packaging isn't quite as grand as the others in the range and if I was buying one I would probably pay an extra £1 for a different brush as they are all such good value for money wheather they cost £1 or £2 you can't really go wrong and it's definitely worth a try.
I always pick up a new nail varnish colour when I'm in a Primark as the colour range is brilliant. They can range from anything from 60p to £2. I love the small 60 second quick dry ones that are 60p and where as they aren't as good as the Barry M ones which are my favourite for lasting such a long time, the Primark ones are such good value if you want to try out new colours.

There is an MUA stand in my local Superdrug and it's full of great little beauty secrets. Most items are above £1 but still they are excellent value for money ( I'm still loving the Fire Vixen Pallete) The two stand out products that are £1 are the Matte Lipstick in Fawn Fancy and the pressed powder. The  lipsticks in the entire range are such good value for money. There are plenty of shades to chose from  and give off such a beautiful finish. The Matte ones, in the white packaging are the longer lasting out of the range and you can get a full morning wear out of it which I think is not bad for £1. Again these lipsticks are excellent if you want to experiment with different shades which you don't normally wear.
The pressed powder is another little find as well. The packaging is clear but not cheap looking and comes in a hinged compact. If it came with a mirror it would be amazing but for a £1 it's brilliant. The single eyeshadows are also a stand out product. They are very pigmented and long lasting and with a great colour range definitely worth a look and a try even though the palletes at £4 or £5 are the best value for money as you get lots of different shades not just one.

Hope this helps fellow budget beauty fans and if you have tried any of my stand out favourites let me know what you think...

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