August 18, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to do a little first impressions on a couple of new products I have been trying.
The new products I have been trying are from LOREAL and it's there new PARADISE EXTATIC collection.
Just recently released in the Uk the new range contains a Mascara and a brow pomade. Retailing at £11.99 for the Mascara and £9.99 for the pomade, even though it's on offer in some stores. So more expensive than a budget drugstore brand but still affordable beauty.
I am very keen to see what it's like as I have heard such good reviews and I can't wait to jump on the band wagon and try it.
Now you all know I love a Brow Pomade and if there's a new one out I just had to try it. For ages I would never even try a pomade and thought I would never use anything but a Brow pencil but then I discovered my love for NYX and the rest is history.
The packaging on both the Pomade and Mascara is beautiful. Very instagramable with its pretty rose gold colour and this is completely the selling point to the product here.

Now I love a good L'Oréal mascara and have bought lots in the past. My favourite being the MISS Baby Roll in the pink packaging that I'm using at the moment.
Now I have read this mascara is a dupe for the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Now I haven't tried the Two Faced product so I can't compare the two.
The packaging is very over the top and the extra box is a little pointless in my eyes. It's boxed like a high end mascara and inside I was expecting the tube to be a lot heavier than it is.( you get 6.4ml of product).  The box boasts of many promises like; intense volume, spectacular lashes and my favourite pleasure to apply, which I'm not sure if applying mascara is a pleasure but I'm happy to give it a go.
The packaging also includes some pretty impressive statistics;
90% saw intense and volumized lashes
98% lengthening effect
79% felt supple lashes,
It also contains Ricinus oil and an ultra soft brush.
So with these stats in mind I did a little day test to try it out
The Mascara isn't as good as Miss Baby Roll ( my favourite at the moment) but saying that it's still good and gives a great Lash look when applied. I wouldn't say it was "a pleasure to apply" like it
promises on the packaging it was just like applying any normal mascara and  I would say you would
need about three coats to get a good look. It can definitely be built up for a fuller more volume look. The brush is very nice and its a proper brush (not a plastic brush)if you know what I mean. It's quick drying, which will suit some people, as well so you have to be quick on application.
The Mascara doesn't smudge or flake and lasted all day. My lashes felt soft to the touch and I was even caught in a rain shower and got home with no smudges even in rain so definitely no panda eyes here. All in all a good mascara but really doesn't need the extra box packaging.

Now you all know how I love a pomade and this one is very similar to others I have tried. Packaged very similarly to the Benefit one with the brush in the lid at the top, it's a good idea and I'm surprised more brands haven't used this method of packaging after the Ka Brow. It makes it ideal for travel ( even though I would rather pack a pencil) but a good idea if you don't already have your own brush
I personally prefer a smaller product in less fancy packaging but that's just me.
The formula looks very similar to other pomades but I did find it wetter and creamier, making it easy to apply but a little tricky to get an arch. Whether it does dry out over time we will have to see but while I'm usually not liking a pomade when it does dry out this one infact might be better.
It does last all day with no fading and the shade 103 was spot on for me. There are other shades from Blonde to Ebony with a few in between so a good choice for my colouring where I find choosing a brow colour quite difficult. The product lasted all day and didn't smudge.
At the £9.99 price tag I think it's a little steep for the product and I would rather pay less and have simple packaging but that's just the budget side coming out in me.
Out of the two products I would definitely recommend the Mascara over the pomade but both are worth a try.
After a few weeks of using the mascara I really wanted to write a follow up blog post so here it is............

Hi again and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to revisit a product and do a follow up review on a product I did a first impressions a month or so ago.
The product I wanted to do a follow up on is the LOREAL PARIS PARADISE EXTATIC MASCARA £11.99. The Mascara was released in the UK about 6 weeks ago along with a Brow Pomade from the same collection.
The problem with first impressions is sometimes the product gets better with age and this is one of these products. I have done a previous blog post before along with the pomade but thought it was definitely worth a post all of its own as I have used it and found my opinion on this product has definitely improved.
So for that reason I felt I needed to do a second review on how I feel about this product after using it regularly over the last month or so.
Firstly my opinion on the packaging hasn't changed, it doesn't need the box but it does give the product a more luxurious feel.
Like I said in my previous blog the box boasts of many promises like; intense volume, spectacular lashes.The packaging also includes some pretty impressive statistics;
90% saw intense and volumized lashes
98% lengthening effect
79% felt supple lashes,
It also contains Ricinus oil and an ultra soft brush.
The product does weigh less than I thought it more but I think that's because of the packaging being plastic and not metal like it looks.
I love the fact that the brush has bristles and I mean proper ones not like plastic or anything and even though I don't really mind whether they are plastic or not as long as they do a good job this mascara has kind of reminded me of old school  mascaras I first used years ago when there wasn't much choice of brush out there as there is now.
Now this mascara has been compared to TWO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA which is definitely a lot more expensive than the L'Oréal one. I have never tried the Two Faced mascara so I can't compare the two but I like to think it's as good as the more expensive one as I'm a budget beauty products person.

The Mascara goes on very well and covers every lash. I find that you need two coats for full coverage. I have tried three coats in the past and liked the look but as time has gone on the product does seem to have gone thicker which makes three coats a little bit too much but that's just on my lashes. It does says it's a pleasure to apply and even though I'm not sure about this statement it is a lovely mascara and is easy to apply with no smudges on the upper eyelids like some brushes leave behind.
Talking of smudges, there aren't any. I find that I can go a full day without any smudges around my eyes ( which is quite important I think and impressive as the weathers been windy and my eyes do water).
It's easy to remove as well which I forgot to mention in my previous blog post as I find some mascaras that contain oil can be a little tricky to remove.
All in all I definitely will repurchase this and it's probably one of the nicest mascaras ive ever used that gets better and better over time.
Leave in the comments if you have tried this mascara and what you think.
Jue X 

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