August 27, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya again and welcome back to my little part of the internet. Today I wanted to do something that I have never done on this blog before.
Now you all know that if I love something I like to shout about it from the rooftops and this is one of those moments.
So I thought I would tell you about a Restaurant that I love, infact it's one of my favourites in the country.
Based in Llandudno North Wales is THE PALLADIUM.
It is an old Cinema/ Theatre building refurbished into a Weatherspoon's. With so many old cinema houses not in use around the country I think this is a brilliant idea instead of knocking them down ( like they did in my local town).
Now we all love a good Weatherspoons and I know there is one in most towns but this one is a little bit special.
Now before I go on I'm not talking special for the food here, which I know normally makes a restaurant. The menu is the normal Weatherspoons menu and I for one do love a good burger and burgers are always special)  but that's not the reason for me loving it so much.
It's the complete building as a whole. As soon as you walk in you feel like your stepping back in time. Many of the old Theatre features are there and there are even tables on the stage. ( which lets face it, is the only time I'm ever going to be on a stage.)

The whole place is so magical and is definitely without a doubt worth a visit ( even if you don't even like Weatherspoons food just to look at the decor or to use the toilet ( we've all done it)
Even the toilets are on another level after you climb the stairs you get a great view of the upper level which still has the original seating area still in tact.
On the walls are posters advertising the old performances that were originally shown.
I love the fact Weatherspoons have kept all these original features and it definitely makes it a little bit special.
Now for what I ate.

Like I said it's the usual Weatherspoons menu. So definitely a burger.( yes i know, i am meant to be on a diet)
Even though the place generally gets busy at dinner times, I find it's best to go at 11.30 or after 2.30 when it's quieter as you have trouble finding a table ( and yes I do want to seat on the stage not in the stalls).
The food generally does come quickly even though it's busy and is always hot.
It might be just me but when I'm tucking into my burger I find I'm constantly looking around the building picturing what it was like and it's definitely like being transported back in time.
Now I know it might be just me and I probably wouldn't normally care what the surrounding were like as I'm tucking into my burger but this place is just something else and if you are around the north wales area it's definitely worth just taking a look.
The pictures I've taken really don't do the building justice but it seemed the best way to capture the building.
If you have ever been or find yourself in there I would love to hear from you X

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