August 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hi again and welcome back to my little part of the internet. Sorry that I've been away for a while, no excuses really I just lost my blogging mojo. But I'm back now and wanted to tell you about a couple of new makeup products I've been trying out over the last week.
I do love it when brands bring out new products and this range is no exception.
The products I have been giving a go are from RIMMEL LONDON and they areTHE WONDER'FULLY REAL MASCARA 11ml £5.99 rrp £7.99 and the
Both are new to the brand and I was very excited to try them out as i have said before I love the Rimmel London range on the whole.
The face of the campaign is Rita Ora ( where's Kate?) and yes I do want winged liner like Rita not that I'm a big fan or anything but her eyeliner does look impressive.
Firstly let's look at the mascara packaging it's Pink!!!! and I completely love it. ( you can't go wrong with a pink packaged mascara).
The Wonder'fully Real Mascara claims to have nylon fibres inside the product which always makes me dubious but I can't wait to give it a go.
The Wonder Wing Eyeliner has packaging which is very simple ( just a black pen with gold writing on it) and if I had my way would be pink as well.. infact all makeup packaging should be pink or rose  gold.

Now I am loving the sound of the eyeliner. I have heard about this idea of an eyeliner before but have never seen it in the drugstore. It's all in the nip that after you've drawn on over your eyelid you "stamp" on your flick instead of drawing it on. Now I don't know about you but I always have problems with getting the angle right and even for the perfect cat eye,  so this could be ideal for me.


I was away from my hometown for a couple of days so I picked up both products from a North Wales branch of Superdrug and got them on a 3 for 2 ( with a L'Oréal Matte Lip Paint just in case you wanted to know) I love a good 3 for 2 when trying out new makeup just in case the products are pants and you don't feel you have spent to much money.
The Mascara has a plastic wand and did apply very well. The first time I used it I did find the product was abit wet and I think it's one of those Mascaras that gets better each time you use it. I needed about 3 coats for natural looking Lashes. I didn't notice any extra fibres for longer length and thickness but that might have been just me. I was very happy with the end result though. It does kind of remind me of the Maybelline Angel Mascara that was released a while back not in the way of the brush but with the end result on the lashes.
The eyeliner on the first day was abit tricky and I definitely think there is a nack to applying this as I can't do it right yet. I love the idea and can get the right angle easily for the stamp but felt I had to fill in over the eyelid with my usual Primark Eyeliner. I know you have to turn it to the right angle but I've definitely failed on this part. I would be very interested to see how other people get on with this and after using this product longer I'm going to review it properly to try and make it work better for me as I just can't get the stamp end to work as it should do.
North Wales was sunny but a little windy so it really put eye products too the test as my eyes did get watery. Both eye products didn't run or smudge so I was very impressed with that part as they lasted all day. So no panda eyes here thank you!
All in all a very good price point for both products but I'm definitely going to try harder with the eyeliner because I really want to wing it like Rita.
If you have used these products let me know what you think, especially the eyeliner as I would love to hear how other people are going on with it.
Is it just me who can't get the stamp right? What am I doing wrong?
And what's your favourite eyeliner of all time? Mine is definitely my beloved Primark one.
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  1. I can't get the eyeliner to work. I had to buy another eyeliner this past weekend.